The last thing to reopen should be our schools

To the editor:

Don’t sacrifice our children! The last thing to reopen should be our schools. Kids are God’s greatest gift.

Let’s reopen slowly. We, as a nation, are opening way too fast! We started in late March, two months too late, after our president called it a hoax. We were behind the curve from day one. Other countries are now reopening slowly and carefully. We are banned from all European countries. What a shame for America.

Let’s save our children. It’s not the end of the world if we delay it two months or a whole semester. Opening early could be final — and a possible death sentence. No return from that. It is not that important. Let’s quit being a selfish country and quit putting the dollar first.

Our Senate needs to stand up to this dictator president. They will pay. What a joke when a defendant calls the shots! Other criminals would love that.

I would never turn on our senator. Mike Braun is one of the finest men I know. Mike, his wife, Maureen, Jason, Jeff, etc., are beautiful. He treated our boys and me so great when we bought two horses from them.

So, in closing, “Save the Beautiful Children.” Get rid of our dictator president. Put our children, God, and our precious babies first. Trust the Lord Jesus!

—Larry E. Dupps

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