The Jasper chamber is here for you

To the editor:

No other organization represents the business community like a chamber of commerce.

No other brand is recognized across the globe as an organization fighting for the rights of employers. And no other group balances the needs of the business community with the needs of the general community like a local chamber of commerce and the Jasper Chamber of Commerce does all of those things right here in your own backyard.

As always — and especially during the past 10 months — the Jasper chamber tries very hard to communicate the complicated government processes and to protect your rights so you can stay afloat. We have talked to state officials, federal officials, county and local officials and many other entities to help spread the word that the economy and public health can both co-exist and prosper together.

The Jasper chamber has been your life raft in the troubled waters of COVID-19. We will continue to communicate with you and will be here now and again the next time a crisis rolls around.

You cannot put a price tag on the value you have been receiving from the Jasper chamber and our advocacy efforts with the federal, state and local government officials and many other agencies.

Over the years, the Jasper chamber has worked hard to build relationships with the many community organizations and the public officials. We are always working to find the right opportunity to showcase our members and to educate the public on the realities of running a business and providing jobs.

We do all of this for YOU in hopes it will help YOU survive in these trying times.

The road ahead will be the next challenge that the Jasper chamber is willing to accept — to continue to be here for our members and the entire business community and to continue to educate and inform, but not overload or overwhelm.

Our team has been available every day, working hard each day to provide assistance as our businesses live with challenges. We work very hard at the Jasper chamber, constantly trying to think how best to market for our members, advocate for our members and the community and provide networking opportunities. We need our current members to continue to be a member of the Jasper chamber to help us as we continue to strengthen the fabric of our economy.

And we invite businesses that are not members to join the Jasper Chamber today.

We will continue to provide guidance and support as the economy comes back to life and people get back to work.

The Jasper chamber is here for you in good times and stressful times.

If you are not on our e-mail distribution, contact us with your e-mail address.

We are sending out communications numerous times each week and we want you to be included in all messages and correspondence.

The Jasper chamber is The Voice of Business in our area. We are here for you.

Thank you for your continued support of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce.

Kate Schwenk, Board President
Nancy Eckerle, Executive Director

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