The Herald’s 160-year print archive is now online


The Herald has published hundreds of thousands of newspaper pages over the years. On those pages are millions and millions of words documenting the history of Dubois County from its infancy. Until today, the only way to access that colossal archive of information was by leafing through bound editions in our newsroom or searching through rolls of microfilm at the library — both antiquated and ineffective ways of finding information when it is needed.

I’m excited to announce today that through a partnership with, an arm of, The Herald’s entire archive of newspapers dating back to 1895 is now available online in a searchable, savable and shareable format.

In addition to 124 years of The Herald, the website also includes an archive of another local newspaper, the Jasper Weekly Courier, from 1858 to 1922.

Earlier this year, I boxed and shipped nearly 800 rolls of microfilm containing past newspaper editions from both our collection and the collection at the Jasper Public Library to Utah to be digitally scanned into a database. After months of waiting, those reels have been scanned and categorized, and now more than 700,000 news pages of local history can be searched from anywhere in the world on any device.

When the archive was online and ready to be tested, I first searched for my grandfather, Jack Rumbach, former editor of The Herald, and in mere seconds came upon his wedding announcement to my grandmother, Anna Marie Shurig. My grandmother’s picture is included with the article and she looks beautiful in her wedding dress with long sleeves and veil. She’s holding a bouquet of flowers that cascades in front of her and she has a single string of pearls around her neck.

It was after that initial search that I fully realized how special this archive of information will be to so many people in our county and beyond. Stories and photos that were seemingly lost to history — like my grandparents’ wedding announcement — have been given new life.

When you search a family name, dozens of results will appear that can be pared down by date of publication. Once an article of interest is found, it can be digitally “clipped” and saved or shared with others through email or social media. Research can easily be done. Old stories can be found and enjoyed again.

Full access to the archive is $4.95 for 30 days. A six-month subscription is $19.95.

In a partnership with Dubois County libraries, completely free access is available at any of their computer labs. While you must still create an account to log in, library users will be able to search articles for free while working on library computers.

Access to the archive is available now at

Justin Rumbach is the publisher of The Herald.

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