The Herald has captured what makes Dubois County special

To the editor:

The three of us will cherish the 100 years of Rumbach stewardship of The Herald with confidence that our family members published an outstanding newspaper.

From the Saturday Feature, a mainstay of the Saturday edition of The Herald for decades, to coverage of junior varsity athletics, The Herald has captured what makes Dubois County special. Jasper Herald Company’s employees—the editors, writers, photojournalists, ad executives, graphic designers, circulation professionals, and pressmen and women—deserve public credit for producing a preeminent publication, one that has been nationally recognized for excellence in journalism. The talent that graced the newsroom, pressroom, and ad department at 216 E. 4th Street Jasper, IN is unparalleled for newspapers of The Herald’s size.

We hope the legacy of The Herald under our family’s ownership will be one of unfailing commitment to quality journalism, company employees, and the Dubois County community. The Herald Endowment for Literacy, which directs its proceeds to improve literacy in Dubois County, the John T. Rumbach Journalism Scholarship, which provides need-based tuition at Vincennes University Jasper Campus, and the Edwin J. Rumbach Charitable Endowment, which supports non-profit organizations and groups that assist individuals and families in need, will continue that commitment to the community.

Our dad, Dan Rumbach, and our cousins, John Rumbach and Justin Rumbach, shepherded Jasper Herald Company through both its most successful and its most challenging times. Ed, Jack, and A.T. Rumbach would be proud of each of you. We certainly are.

—Jay Rumbach
Indianapolis, IN

—Max Rumbach
Myrtle Beach, SC

—Sam Rumbach
Chicago, IL

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