The federal government is not here to take care of the people

To the editor:

No, Congressman John Dingell, it is not the federal government’s responsibility to “take care of all the American people.” It is the government’s responsibility to protect the people’s liberty so that they can take care of themselves. We are not subjects to be massaged, managed and molded into the politically correct images mandated by the state. We are a free people who will not submit to progressive tyranny or any other form of tyranny.

We are Americans and expect nothing less than limited government, a competitive free market and a robust civil sphere where we take care of ourselves, thank you, Mr. Dingell. We are Americans, and our employees answer to us, not the other way around. We are Americans and will accept nothing less than the opportunity and prosperity engendered by free people engaged in voluntary exchange. We are Americans, and our freedom is manifest in civil society where we voluntarily work together to achieve all manner of things. We will no longer yield our natural, God-given rights.

It is not government’s place to bring force to people in deciding how they will live their lives. We will not accept mandates to violate our conscience, our privacy, how we raise our young or form our associations. We will no longer accept the falsehood that big central government is competent and even capable of running society.

Having perverted our Constitution over the past century, Congressman Dingell, R-Mich., and his progressive allies in both parties must be relegated to the ash heap of history. This is where they belong, with all the other statist ideologists who sought to transform citizens into subjects.

Time is short for Indiana to stand up and exert our 10th Amendment rights to protect Hoosiers from unconstitutional federal abuses. At this time, Sen. David Long, R-Fort Wayne, is pursuing a Constitutional convention so states can amend the U.S. Constitution to right past wrongs. That effort will take years to accomplish, however. This is why our elected state representatives must soon pass legislation nullifying Obamacare before that travesty further represses the rights of Hoosiers and ruins Indiana’s health care system. It is time for constitutional governance.

—Michael Lewinski

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