Take your blinders off

To the editor:

This is a rebuttal to John Birk's letter to the editor (The Herald, 4/25/19).

Come on John — take your blinders off. Are you better off now than you were in the previous years? You know the answer and so how can you put Trump down?

Do you look at unemployment, the economy, jobs and the stock market or are you still blinded?

Although I and other people do not agree with everything he does, he is a business man and not a politician and gets things done which is more than you can say about the obstructionists.

You are off-base questioning Mike Braun's alignment and the other things you wrote about. It makes me think you don't know how much he has done for his employees and how he has built Meyer Distributing for the betterment of our community. Much of what you wrote is inaccurate and perhaps you owe him an apology.

You talk about an increase in debt and don't talk about how much Obama increased the national debt. Maybe you should not counsel the Republicans. Maybe you need to change your outlook and party affiliation.

Perhaps you didn't realize the GDP has gone up to 3.2% and wages have increased along with the six million new jobs created under the Trump administration.

The Democrats today are much different than they were 30 years ago and are now mostly obstructionists.

—Stanley A. Schnell


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