Suspect in street faces multiple accusations

From Local Sources

JASPER — A Jasper man was jailed on multiple misdemeanor accusations after police encountered him early Sunday.

A Jasper Police Department officer reported encountering a man dressed in dark clothing walking in the middle of the street at 12th and Mill streets at 1:42 a.m. The man’s behavior, which included peering into an unoccupied, parked vehicle, led police to approach the individual.

The man, identified as Demetrius Arnold, 44, 475 Rumbach Ave, reportedly had slurred speech, glassy eyes and seemed extremely disoriented, according to police. He also reportedly claimed he believed someone was after him.

Police eventually transported an agitated Arnold to Memorial Hospital, where he was alleged to have yelled and screamed in the emergency room. Later, at the Dubois County Security Center, he was alleged to have thrown food into a hallway, to have approached a jail officer in an aggressive manner and to have attempted to block jail staff from closing a door. The sheriff’s department also alleged Arnold damaged property at the jail.

Arnold was booked into the jail at 5:49 a.m. Sunday and his preliminary misdemeanor counts from the weekend included two counts of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting law enforcement and criminal mischief.

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