Successful season in the ‘CARDS’ for Fuhrman

Kaiti Sullivan/The Herald
Sophomore Hadley Fuhrman has established herself as presence for Northeast Dubois.


DUBOIS — If something good happens for Northeast Dubois, Hadley Fuhrman may have had something to do with that, largely because she’s playing her CARDS right.

CARDS is an acronym for a system the Jeeps use. It stands for Charges, Assists, Rebounds, Deflections, Steals. Northeast Dubois did not have CARDS updated after practice on Wednesday from the Jeeps’ 48-28 loss to Crawford County the night before. However, the most recent stats were from the Jeeps’ 40-25 win Dec. 12 versus Tell City. Fuhrman had 11 rebounds, four deflections, two steals and one helper in that game to go along with her eight points, just a shade off a double-double. The Tell City game put her CARDS total at 101 on the year to pace her teammates.

“We expect a lot out of her on the offensive and defensive end,” Jeeps coach Andy Chinn said. “We want her to bring it every night, and knowing her, I know she wants to bring it every night.”

Chinn said Fuhrman is held to a high standard. He added it might not be fair that so much is asked of her, but it’s the role she has, and he thinks it’s the role she wants. Chinn said it’s exciting to watch her grow into that role, and considers the program lucky that there’s still another two and a half years left of Fuhrman.

Fuhrman’s 10-point performance in a 45-25 win Nov. 16 in the season's first meeting against Tell City was the first of five consecutive games in which Fuhrman both topped the double-digit plateau and led the Jeeps in scoring. Her best game, scoring wise, during that stretch was a 22-point performance Nov. 25 in a 45-42 win against Wood Memorial. Fuhrman notched six 3-pointers to help carry the Jeeps across the finish line.

“I come in every morning, shoot for about a half hour, and then I stay after practice and shoot,” Fuhrman said. “On the weekends, I shoot also.”

Fuhrman estimated she takes 200 shots per day. She said her jumper needs some work, and so does her driving in and pulling up.

“I have my brother (Clay, an eighth grader) help me out,” she said. “He’s tall. He puts his arms up and I just try and shoot over that.”

However, like any athlete in any sport, things aren’t going to go right for Fuhrman 100 percent of the time. She’s been held to single digits in each of her team’s last three games. The Jeeps, as a whole, could not orchestrate much on offense Tuesday against the Wolfpack. Fuhrman had four points, and the Jeeps scored 12 of their 28 points at the free throw line. Neither Fuhrman nor any of her teammates could connect on a shot from downtown in that game.

Kaiti Sullivan/The Herald
Northeast Dubois sophomore Hadley Fuhrman had five straight games this season of scoring in double digits and leading her team in that department.

She said the team worked very hard with a good practice Wednesday afternoon, and that they were ready to get back at it today against Jasper. The Wildcats prevailed in last year’s game, 62-34, but Fuhrman buried six threes during a freshman campaign in which she averaged 8.1 points per game, Chinn said.

Chinn had Fuhrman out on the floor in her first high school game, a 46-15 loss Nov. 2, 2018, against Heritage Hills, but it didn’t take long for her to make something happen. The Patriots scored the first points of the game, but back came Fuhrman for her first of many 3-pointers in response. Fuhrman said it took a few games for her to adjust and get settled in, but her teammates told her it would be all right. They helped her get through it.

“I’ve stepped it up some [from freshman year],” Fuhrman said. “My teammates just push me, and I know I can always trust them for that.”

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