Strings Inc. students present concert

Strings Inc. held its fall concert on Nov. 9.

Numbers performed were “Mousy Song,” “Peanut Butter Sandwich,” “E String Concerto,” “La Folia,” “Concerto No. 5, I mvt.,” “Humoresque,” “Minuet in G,” “Bourrée,” “Minuet III,” “Minuet I,” “Perpetual Motion,” “Allegro,” “Long Long Ago,” “Song of the Wind,” “Lightly Row” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Strings students for 2018 were Daisy Barker, Waylon Barker, Isaac Bell, Chase Best, Aubre Blackgrave, Gwenda Breckler, Mason Breeding, Grace Cassidy, Aaliyah Contreras, Jonathan Davis, Fr. Guerric DeBona, Malakai Fleming, Konnor Gafford, Nora Goins, Lexi Gress, Emily Haas, Julie Heitz, David Kassebaum, Cynthia Kaszynski and Paige Kemp.

Teachers were Rafaela Schaick, Amber McNair, Josiah Yoder, Ana Knies, David Knies, Molly Knies, Elisabeth Luff, Ezekiel Marx, Adina Moss, Isaiah Moss, Aoibhinn Rasche, Lena Schmuecker, Addison Schnarr, Lily Schnarr, Sophie Schnarr, Madison Thompson, Shawn Tian, Hope Willard, Kyle Woehler, Conrad Yoder, Dawson Yoder and Olivia Yoder.

Accompanists were Lynette Yoder and Lauren Michelle Sergesketter.

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