Strassenfest contest results announced

Jovie Huddleston, left, and her best friend, Madeline Zipp-Nathan, both of Jasper and 10, waited to hear the winners of the Children's Box Parade during the 40th annual Jasper Strassenfest Thursday evening. "She thought of a conjoined twin and I thought of the robot," Madeline explained as how the pair came up with their costume. (Herald file photo)

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JASPER — These are the results of events that took place during the Strassenfest, which was Thursday through Sunday of last week.

Results for some events have not yet been reported.



Best time: Luke Schroeder.

Best decorated car: Matt Popp.

Scavenger hunt: Carrie Birge.


Baby photos

Winners and their parents: first, Hunter Seger, child of Alex and Tayler Seger; second, Stella Sapp, child of Steven and Christin Sapp; third, Harper Robling, child of Jerry and Staci Robling; fourth, Willow Ahrens, child of Jordan Ahrens and Staci Foster; fifth, Liam Eckerle, child of Justin and Kristin Eckerle; sixth, Joel Hanselman, child of Nathan and Bridget Hanselman; seventh, Alexis McLemore, child of Mike McLemore and Amber Knies; eighth, Brantley Grigsby, child of Brandon Grigsby and Tara Carrico; ninth, Ellis Rottet, child of Devin and Leah Rottet; 10th, Parker Kieffner, child of Andrew and Jade Kieffner; 11th, Mia Peak, child of KeAundre and Emily Peak; 12th, Warner Fleck, child of Adam and Audra Fleck; 13th, Xander Kluemper, child of Alex and Sarah Kluemper; 14th, Maggie Mehringer, child of Derek and Emily Mehringer; 15th, Kaden Lutz, child of Michael and Jami Lutz.

Participation winners: Aria Bauernfiend, Bella Buechler, Caleb Pund, Brian Daniels, Hadlynn Schultheis, Nova Cooper and Christopher Hasenour.


Backyard barbecue

Chicken: first, Nancy Boys with Dan Herzog and Mason Herzog.

Ribs: first, Nancy Boys with Dan Herzog and Mason Herzog.


Chicken dance

Thursday: Shelby Erny.


Chili cook-off

Chili: first, The Gas Masters with Jon Kluesner and Chris Hochgesang; second, Nancy Boys with Dan Herzog and Mason Herzog.

People’s choice: Knock the Wurst Chili with Jason Pieper, Chad Kieffner, Matt Weinzapfel, Jarod Thomas and Mark Buechlein.



Thursday (junior) — ages 5 and 6: Michael Braun (3 holes). Ages 7 to 9: Noah Kurzendoefer (5 holes). Ages 10 to 12: Kai Kunz (9 holes). Ages 13 to 15: Daniel Moore (9 holes).

Friday: first, Glenn Luebbehusen, Tad Luebbehusen, Gary VanWinkle and Casey VanWinkle (49); second, Phil Ruhe, Ryan Niehaus, Matt Kluemper and Ben Schmidt (52); third, Ron Schitter, Jeff Sanders, Butch Schitter and Kody Schitter (53); fourth, Tony Seng, Andy Beckman, Boomer Philbrick and Jordan Roberts (55); fifth, Craig Lemond, Jacob Kiefer, Mike Grieve and Jack Neukam (55); sixth, Dean Blessinger, Scott Berg, Brandon Hulsman and Charlie Schroeder (56); seventh, Andy Schroeder, Eric Wigand, Yuen Mu and Ryan Hyme (56); eighth, Luke Keusch, Matthew Keusch, Kurt K. and Adam Bauernfiend (57); ninth, J.T. Stenftenagel, Zach Erny, John Mattingly and Nathan Wagner (57). Closest Pin No. 3: Adam Bauernfiend; Closest Pin No. 7: Lucas Peoples. Closest Pin No. 14: Ron Schitter. Closest Pin No. 17: Jeff Sanders.

Saturday morning: first, Jim Schroeder, Kim Schroeder, Kurt Schroeder and Keith Schroeder (52); second, Jason Ahlbrand, Alex Simmers, Chris Vogler and Todd Hurst (55); third, Eric Dall, Mitchell Huebner, Matt Kuper and Kord O’Brien (56); fourth, Adam Schutte, Jason Schutte, Scott Schutte and Mike Schutte (56); fifth, Joe Buck, Travis Mundy, Brandan Jahn and Jace Himsel (57); sixth, Kurt Kuczynski, Steve Thacker, Phil Huddleston and Brent Nalley (58); seventh, Jason Schutt, Eric Evans, Eric Evans and Jay Hopf (58); eighth, Chris Jones, Larry Jones, Troy B. and Chris Mathies (59). Closest Pin No. 3: Andy Bonner and Tony Mehringer. Closest Pin No. 14: Alex Simmers. Closest Pin No. 17: Will Burchett.

Saturday afternoon: first, Seger Team, Wade Begle, Derek Smith and Clayton Portz (54); second, Adam Bailey, Adam Bauernfiend, Nathan Mathies and Wes Fink (55); third, M. Cassidy, M. Bies, Schroeder and Bartley (55); fourth, Schitter, Jacob Kielfer, Ron Schitter and Greg Wineinger (58); fifth, Houle, Jess Foury, Tyson Martin and Todd Martin (58); sixth, Jacob Siebert, Caleb Williams, Courtland Betz and Tyler Begle (59); seventh, Hulsman, Larry Schmidt, Mitch Hilbert and Dave Hilbert (60); eighth, B.J. Bell, Mike Beck, Chipper and Brian Wright (61). Closest Pin No. 3: Tyson Martin. Closest Pin No. 7: Mike Horney. Closest Pin No. 14: Mike Beck. Closest Pin No. 17: Andy Fritch.

Sunday morning: first, Brames (54); second, Mitch Huebner, Max Mendel, Matt Kuper and Jason Miller (54); third, Jeff Beach, Mike Smith, Brad Leidolf and Justin Ferguson (55); fourth, Corbin, Len Eckert, Doc Brown and Bill Alexander (57); fifth, Yarbrough, Brian Seibert, M. Wigand and Craig Greulich (58); sixth, D. Frieler, Gary Beck, Craig Beck and Ken Willis (59); seventh, Labhart, Andy Schroeder, Charlie Schroeder and Steve Kuper (59); eighth, Dave Roach and Doug Gehlhausen (60). Closest Pin No. 3: Justin Ferguson. Closest Pin No. 7: Terry Fullington. Closest Pin No. 14, Craig Greulich. Closest Pin No. 17: Jeff Beach.



Light category: first, Ryan Roschen, Vienna Lager; second, Gary Altman, Pete’s Blonde Ale; and third, Mitch Mathias, Blonde Ale.

Wheat category: first, Justin Rumbach, Strassenhef; second, Damian Howard, House Beer; and third, Juie Ferry and Brian Newsome, Shu-Wheat.

Amber category: first, Troy Wolfe, Kraftig Post; second, Julie Ferry and Brian Newsome, Decoy Boy Brown; third, Justin Rumbach, Cascade Smash.

Hoppy category: first, Tim Cravener, Agent Orange; second, Bobby Edge, Yellow Creek IPA; third, Tim and Aaron Nicholson, Abbeydell IPA.

Dark category: first, Tim and Aaron Nicholson, Abbeydell Stout; second, Tim Cravener, Kilt Kicker; third, Troy Wolfe, Irish Swheaty.

Specialty category: first, Julie Ferry and Brian Newsome, Jalapeno Creme Ale; second, Cesar Gonzalez, Smoke in the Water; third, Brett Slayden, Hank the Tank.

Imperial category: first, Ryan Bratton, Cherry-Aged Imperial Stout; second, Troy Wolfe Kraftig, Prost; third, Kenny Lucas, Barley Made It.

Best show: Ryan Roschen.

Homebrewer of the year: Ryan Roschen.



Hoosier division: Caroline Burrus and Carter Blome.

Hoopster division: Abby Jones and Leo Wolf.

Junior varsity division: Raya Dollaway and Bryce Troesch.

Varsity division: Maddy Jones and Brandon Dollaway.

Adult division: KeAundre Peak.

Golden division: Joetta Jones and Dave Wahl.



CJ7: first, Randy Bryant; second, Ryan Dant.

Willy’s: Gene Kieffner.

Military: Garry Hisel.

Open: first, Janessa Bryant; second, Cheryl Schnell.

Wrangler, 2007-2018: first, Steve Henke; second, Mike Zenthoefer.

Wrangler, 1997-2006: first, Jenna Libbert; second, Brooke Kreilein.

People’s choice: Bart Dixon.


Kiddie tractor pull

30 to 45 pounds: first, Samuel Himsel; second, Brilee Stenftenagel; third, Levi Himsel; fourth, Nova Leavens.

46 to 60 pounds: first, Reid Mehringer; second, Karsen Roth; third, Bryant Mehringer; fourth, Brayton Fromme.

61 to 75 pounds: first, Jesse Zehr; second, Alec Wehr; third, Kaleb Wendholt; fourth, Reid Wendholt.

76 to 95 pounds: first, Grant Wehr; second, Landon Bickford; third, Amie Kempf; fourth, Reagen Hopf.



Age 4: first, Brandon Kieser; second, Parker Frick; third, Parker Barth.

Age 5: first, Braden Wehr; second, Landry Lueken; third, Rory McNamee.

Age 6: first, Roan Heichelbech; second, Sam Schaefer; third, Emmy Schaefer.

Age 7: first, Jace Brockman; second, Charlie Knies; third, Braxton Dupps.

Grand prize winner: Olivia DeSchamp.


Log sawing

Grand champion: D&D.

Women’s division: first, D&D with Julie Dicus and Kristi Adams; second, Boilers Baby with Katie Begle and Emily Messmer.

Men’s division: first, Angry Beavers with Mark Hoffman and Nathan Block; second, Abe’s Tree Service with Abe Schwartz and Ryan Harpenau.



Miss Strassenfest: Hannah Rydberg; first runner-up, Hilary Bauer; second runner-up, Melanie Patterson; Miss Congeniality, Taylor Mitchell; Miss Photogenic, Hannah Rydberg.

Junior Miss: Michelle Ondiek; first runner-up, Kathryn McCoy; second runner-up, Mallory Krapf; Miss Congeniality, Amia Kempf; Most Photogenic, Miss Photogenic, Michelle Ondiek.

Little Miss: Victoria Gunselman; first runner-up, Vivienne Gunselman; second runner-up, Josie Englert; Best German Outfit, Stella Temple.

Little Mister: Oliver Williams; first runner-up, Reid Wendholt; second runner-up, Karsen Roth; Best German Outfit, Reid Wendholt.



Strassenfest Award: Lampert for Sheriff. Honorable mentions: Strassenfest Hofmarschall, Strassenfest Queens Court and Committee, Strassenfest Little Miss and Mister/Servus.

Heart Warming Award: Remax/Mentors for Youth. Honorable mentions: Sandi Bair, Mimis and Friends, and Debra Corn Foster Care.

Community Award: Anderson Woods. Honorable mention: Knights of Columbus.

Chairman’s Award: Dance Central. Honorable mentions: Adventures, Jasper Engines and Transmissions and Hoosier Hills.

Parade Marshals Award: Memorial Hospital. Honorable mentions: Holy Trinity Catholic School and Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival

Best Shrine Unit: Hiram’s Hot Rod’s/La-Or-Ma Shrine Club. Honorable mention: Hadi Shriners of Evansville.


Pet parade

Best Strassenfest attire: first, Ann Marie Scott with Rose Marie; second, Allen Ondiek with Chick a Lotta; third, Madeline Patterson with Charlie.

Most unusual pet: first, Quintin Fromme with Piggy Wiggy; second, Rylan Mullins with Frank and Robert; third, Adalyn and Levi Welp with Melvin and Marty.

Best trained: first and second, Ellie Kramer with Dakota; third, Raegan Jerrell and Mary Kate Felts with Buddy.


Plein air painting

Winners: first, Kit Miracle, “Parklands Bridge”; second, Todd Derr, “Courthouse”; third, Gary Beazley, “Buehler Gazebo.”



Thursday: Leo Eckerle and Henrietta Harder.

Friday: Leo Eckerle and Henrietta Harder.



Teenager: first, Stan Meyer; second, Alan Parks; third, Jeff Hentrup.

Modern: first, Gus Ferguson; second, Steven Pancake; third, Tim Boehm.

Classic: first, Tim Boehm; second, Dennis Kluesner; third, Bob Eckert.

Antique: first, Steven Fischer; second, Dan Herzog.

Super antique: first, Tom Rasche; second, Carla Hemmer; third, Glen Allen.

People’s choice: Skyler Jahn.



Winners: first, Marilyn Schepers; second, Jerry Wilz; third, Herb Welp; fourth, Terry Persohn; fifth, Delli Keusch; sixth, Dave Prechtel; seventh, Linus Lampert; eighth, Kenny Hulsman.


Stein holding

Men: Chris Barsel.

Women: Marla Englert.



Overall: Chase Bland, 15:57.1, and Tara Cassidy, 18:36.4.

Men — ages 10 and younger: first, Chase Wildman, 21:47.2; second, Andrew Stratton, 23:39.1; third, Reid Cox, 24:22.5.

Ages 11 to 14: first, Abe Eckman, 17:52.5; second, Bryce Troesch, 18:53.8; third, Jaryn Weiner, 19:50.6.

Ages 15 to 19: first, Nate Kaiser, 16:15.0; second, Jackson Miller, 16:33.2; third, Drew O’Neil, 16:30.3.

Ages 20 to 24: first, Collin Reinbrecht, 20:42.2; second, Bill Schepers, 21:27.3; third, Bryan Paz, 21:49.5.

Ages 25 to 29: first, Kory Voelkel, 16:22.2; second, Pat Sturm, 18:56.3; third, Jared Luegers, 19:35.4.

Ages 30 to 34: first, Boomer Philbrick, 18:44.7; second, Sean Seger, 19:39.2; third, David Fox, 20:52.3.

Ages 35 to 39: first, Matt Rasche, 18:03.7; second, Kyle Jahn, 20:31.3; third, Donald Sermersheim, 20:32.3.

Ages 40 to 44: first, Grant Terrell, 21:50.8; second, Jeremy Wolf, 22:01.0; third, Kyle Werner, 22:30.0.

Ages 45 to 49: first, Tony Brinkman, 19:38.3; second, Doug Wiseman, 20:47.0; third, Scott O’Neil, 21:42.6.

Ages 50 to 54: first, Joe Schitter, 21:34.4; second, Alan Beckman, 25:14.1; third, Tom Schwinghammer, 25:15.8.

Ages 55 to 59: first, Glen Schepers, 21:29.4; second, Larry Kluemper, 23:06.8; third, Mike Beyke, 23:46.2.

Ages 60 to 64: first, Kurt Voelkel, 21:08.2; second, Bill Doyle, 22:33.9; third, John Birge, 24:14.2.

Ages 65 to 69: first, Conrad Kuczynski, 27:17.4; second, Wesley Ruiz, 27:54.8; third, Don Eckstein, 30:57.5.

Ages 70 and older: first, Jerry Burris, 35:18.1; second, Gary Burress, 36:17.1; third, Leo Striegel, 40:29.9.

Women — ages 10 and younger: first, Kenley Lamont, 31.20.7; second, Adelyn Jahn, 31:53.1; third, Clara Noblitt, 31:59.2.

Ages 11 to 14: first, Andi VanMeter, 19:54.4; second, Tori Hemmerlein, 21:04.3; third, Linzi VanMeter, 22:37.4.

Ages 15 to 19: first, Natalie Graber, 19:08.4; second, Kelsea Skorge, 21:19.7; third, Mayson VanMeter, 21:32.9.

Ages 20 to 24: first, Erin Leinenbach, 23:28.2; second, Lydia Shepherd, 24:40.0; third, Maddie Schaffer, 26:29.1.

Ages 25 to 29: first, Megan Burger, 21:01.6; second, Laura Messmer, 22:35.4; third, Allison Coulston, 23:44.0.

Ages 30 to 34: first, Leah Seigel, 19:42.7; second, Emily Krodel, 25:45.8; third, Lauren Guth, 25:55.6.

Ages 35 to 39: first, Jen Werner, 21:09.2; second, Emily Werner, 22:49.9; third, Stacy Sickbert, 24:15.5.

Ages 40 to 44: first, Tara Eckman, 21:11.4; second, Michelle VanMeter, 24:04.9; third, Denise Buechler, 25:37.0.

Ages 45 to 49: first, Melanie Krueger, 21:59.3; second, Jane Buschkoetter, 25:25.2; third, Rachel Uebelhor, 28:37.4.

Ages 50 to 54: first, Stacy Bromm, 24:56.4; second, Glenda Begle, 26:10.9; third, Rebecca Lingenfelter, 29:38.1.

Ages 55 to 59: first, Rita Uebelhor, 21:59.8; second, Mary Burger, 26:23.1; third, Amy Decker, 28:26.7.

Ages 60 to 64: first, Martha Wahl, 36:10.8; second, Roxane Eckerle, 41:57.4.

Ages 70 and older: first, Eileen Lowery, 34:50.5; second, Lelani Wittwer, 38:44.2.

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