Strassenfest announces 2013 winners

Ariana van den Akker/The Herald
Brooklyn Schnarr, left, and Anna Vonderheide, both of Jasper, struggled to keep their arms up during the stein holding contest at the Jasper Strassenfest on Thursday evening.

JASPER — These are the results of contests that took place during the Strassenfest, which was held Thursday through Sunday. Results for some events have not yet been reported.



Best time: Tim Mehne.
Best decorated car: Quack Pack.
Best poker hand: Ryan Hopf.

Baby photos

Winners and their parents: first, Jordan Wollenmann, Nick and Emily Wollenmann; second, Alexis Watson, Robbie and Christina Watson; third, Kabric Hunter, Ty Hunter and Brooke Schneider; fourth, Will Knies, Cade and Lindsay Knies; fifth, Dustin Bleemel, grandchild of Leroy and Donna Bleemel; sixth, Norah Buchta, Abby Buchta; seventh, Addilyn Mills, Damon and April Mills; eighth, Hadley Hellman, Neil and Brandi Hellman; ninth, Zoe Zehr, Zach Zehr and Staci Zehr; 10th, Olivia Scales, Elizabeth and Adam Scales; 11th, Hannah Bartley, Ross and Heather Bartley; 12th, Serenity Hopster, Rob McKinney and Kristi Hopster; 13th, Ayden Meadors, Josh and Jennifer Meadors; 14th, Tyson Mattingly, Gage Mattingly and Olive Buechler; 15th, Henry Vollmer, Eric and Lacey Vollmer.
Participation prize winners: Cadence Snell, Camille Bauernfiend, Aubrianna Mayo, Kasen Fleming, Colton Englert, Reese Mathies, Traycen Haase.

Barbecue cook-off

Winners: first, Hall Creek Boys with Jason Merkel and Greg Jeffries; second, Mind If I Smoke with Derek McKee, Jessica McKee and Patrick Sparks.


Big wheel race

Big wheel winner: Caleb Brosmer.
Girls — age 4: first, Lila Schmitt; second, Alyse Schwenk; third, Olivia Reckelhoff. Age 5: first, Mackenzie Walsh; second, Emerson Bush; third, Andyn Lampert. Age 6: first, Mallory Tooley; second, Hannah Aull; third, Emma Popp.
Boys — age 4: first, Aiden Newlin; second, Baron Von Krauskopf; third, Robert Sternberg. Age 5: first, Caden Beck; second, Jack Levin; third, Xavier Meiring. Age 6: first, Samuel Kelly; second, Kaiden Schmitt; third, Levi Welp.


Singles: first, John Barbour, 805; second, Paul LeMond, 761; third, Brandon Stogsdill, 747; fourth, Lori Nunn, 738; fifth, Brian Mehringer, 732.
Doubles: first, Lori Nunn and Brandon Stogsdill, 1,937; second, Jim Zehr and Paul LeMond, 1,857; third, Lori Nunn and Rusty Nunn, 1,855; fourth, Paul LeMond and Lee Correll, 1,809; fifth, Randy Hoffman and Brian Mehringer, 1,808.

Box parade

Ages 1 to 5: Daisy Barker.
Ages 6 through 8: Jessica Oeding.
Ages 9 through 12: Alyssa Harlow.

Chili cook-off

Winners: first, Gass Masters Cooking with Jon Kluesner and Chris Hochgesang; second, Hall Creek BBQ Boys with Jason Merkel and Greg Jeffries.
People’s choice: Jason Pieper and Mark Buechlein.

Coca-Cola hot shot

Hoosier division: Anna Schmitt and Logan Mundy.
Hoopster division: Nathan Rillo.
Junior varsity division: Leah Schnell and Zach Schneider.
Varsity division: Eric Hopf.
Adult division: Juli Schnell and Ross Braun.


Chicken: Thursday, first, Tyler Betcher; second, Jessi Hoffman; Friday, Zach Voegerl; and Saturday, Kelly Schroeder.
Polka: Thursday, Bernie and Margie Jeffries; Friday, Irinia Caudilm and Jeff Lechner; Saturday, Tom and Bernice Reuber.

Diaper derby

Ages 6 to 9 months: Henry Vollmer.
Ages 10 to 12 months: Amilia Marinin.
Ages 13 to 18 months: Nalanie Buechlein.
Ages 19 to 24 months: Meadow Spannenberg.
Ages 25 to 36 months: Braxton Dupps.

Hole-in-one shootout

Winners: first, Jacob Zwilling, 13 feet, 4 inches; second, Andy Schroeder, 14 feet, 1 inch; third, Bill Mangold, 18 feet, 7 inches.


Light beer: first, Darren Patterson and Tom Blessinger, GHB Kolsch; second, Darren Patterson, GHB Helles; third, Christopher Norrick, Lightly Lagered American Pilsner.
Amber: first, Ben Potter, Perfect Storm Dark American Lager; second, Jesse Summers, Dancing Dog American Amber Ale; third, Luke Stemle, Skid Streak Nut Brown Ale.
Hoppy: first, Wes Noble, Cool Boy IPA; second, Wes Noble, Bend Wheat IPA; third, Chris Brumley, Falconers IPA.
Wheat: first, Darren Patterson, GHB Weizen Wheat; second, Josh Creutz, Impeachment Wheat; third, Troy Wolfe, Afterthought Wheat Stout.
Dark: first, Troy Wolfe, Afterthought Wheat Stout; second, Wes Noble, Bakery Black Milk Porter; third, Craig Gore, Dirty Bigfoot Strong Scottish Ale.
Specialty: first, Christopher Norrick, OVHA Barrel-Aged Olde Ale; second, Tim and Jill Cravener, Café Marksé Coffee Ale; third, Jed Marshall, Blackberry Patch Berliner Weisse.
Best of show: Wes Noble, Cool Boy IPA.

Junior golf

Boys — ages 3 and 4: first, Jett Springer. Ages 5 and 6: first, Caleb Schnarr; second, Keyan Lemond; third, Charlie Schmidt. Ages 7 through 9: first, Max Sternberg and Tyler Atkins; second, Reece Lampert; third, Trey Gutgsell. Ages 10 through 12: first, Matt Stoppert; second, Eli Rohleder; third, Cooper Uebelhor.
Girls — ages 5 and 6: first, Andyn Lampert. Ages 7 through 9: first, Allie Schnarr; second, Erin Mehringer; third, Hillary Springer. Ages 10 through 12: Baileigh Schneider.


Grand prize winner: Emma Mitchell.
Age 4: first, Hudson King; second, Robert Sternberg; third, Sam Shappard.
Age 5: first, Ethan Young; second, Eli Clark; third, Tyson Hunter.
Age 6: first, Kaiden Schmidt; second, Ella Clark; third, Mason Gegogeine.
Age 7: first, Caden Erny; second, Carson Bauer; third, Tyler Atkins.

Log sawing

Grand champion: Termites.
Women’s division: first, D&D with Julie Dicus and Kristi Durcholz; second, The Frauleins with Bridgett Bartley and Holly Mundy.
Men’s division: first, Termites with Joe Schwartz and Justin Hensley; second, Redbirds with Ryan Harpenau and Abe Schwartz.

Motorcycle show

Cruiser: first, Steve Hopf; second, David Nealy.
Sport: first, Tom Reinch; second, Trent Schnell.
Antique: first, John Aufderhar; second, Matthew Sparrow.
Custom: first, Scott Schwinghammer; second, Wayne Hawkins.
Trike: first, Jerry Boehman; second, Mike Oeding.
People’s choice: Scott Schwinghammer.


Miss Strassenfest: Mallory Humbert; first runner-up and Miss Congeniality, Hannah Vollmer; second runner-up, Kendra Kern; Miss Photogenic, Kimberly Gootee.
Junior Miss: Lydia Shepherd; first runner-up, Millie Prechtel; second runner-up, Grace Harmon; Miss Congeniality, Emma Grow; Miss Photogenic, Hannah Welp
Little Miss: Serenidy Eckerle; first runner-up, Grace Jarboe; second runner-up, Adyson Cornejo.
Little Mister: Ethan Schaefer; first runner-up, Leo Eckman; second runner-up, Logan Mundy.


Strassenfest Award (best German theme): winner, Ackerman Oil; honorable mentions, Strassenfest committee/queen contestants, BR Associates/Little Miss and Mr.
Heartwarming Award: winner, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center; honorable mentions, Disinger Jewelers, Holy Family and Precious Blood schools, Christian Church of Jasper.
Community Award: winner, Holy Family School Patoka Cardboard Boat Regatta; honorable mentions, Vincennes University Jasper Campus, Jasper Police Department Drug Abuse Resistance Education.
Chairman’s Award: winner, German American/Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition; honorable mentions, Game Knight, Old National Bank, Hoosier Hills Credit Union, Jasper Engines & Transmissions.
Parade Marshal’s Award: winner, Jasper Community Arts; honorable mentions, St. Joseph Parish/Boy Scout Pack 182, St. Anthony Sesquicentennial Committee, Schnellville Sesquicentennial.
Shriner’s Award: Hadi Shriners, Evansville.

Pet parade

Best Strassenfest attire: first, Nora Goins with Mackey and Molly; second, Sydney Schmitt with Zoey; third, Aubrey Marks with Pumpkin.
Most unusual pet: first, Katie (last name unavailable) with Clover; second, Ivy Miller with Hanne; third, Melanie Marks with Casper.
Best trained pet: Madeline, Melanie and Emily Patterson with Lydi; second, Sydney Schmitt with Zoey; third, Kim Bayer with Hoosier.


Winners: first, Denis Sander; second, Elaine Brames; third, John Wilz; fourth, Rose Werner; fifth, Betty Kempf; sixth, Ralph Werner; seventh, Leroy Bleemel; eighth, Leroy Schnaus.
Attendance prizes: Viola Wehr and Lester Sickbert.


Winner: The Dirty Dozen with Noah Moss, Andy Knust, Lauren Knies, Sara Stallings, Eric Allen, Emily Allen, Hannah Nordhoff, Devon Traylor, Drake McNamara, Amy Knust, Prestin Hart and Megan Sternberg.
Runner-up: JR’s Bar.

Stein holding

Winners: Mary Hoffman and Jeff Siebert.


Winners: first, Danielle Autry, dance routine; second, Ryan Lore, dance routine; third, Olivia Doty and Erin Mehringer, song.


Overall winners: Carmen Van Winkle, 19:50.2 and Dustin Betz, 15:41.3.
Female — 14 and younger: first, Amy Troesch, 20:35.5; second, Tara Cassidy, 20:51.3; third, Emily Schultheis, 21:59.2. Ages 15 to 19: first, Sydney Berger, 20:49.5; second, Rachael Welsh, 23:04.7; third, Erin Leinenbach, 23:42.6. Ages 20 to 24: first, Rachel Mehringer, 21:15.5; second, Allison Fierst, 23:59.9; and third, Darianne Cherry, 24:28.9. Ages 25 to 29: first, Mandy Schaeffer, 20:44.4; second, Jen Stanton, 23:16.9; third, Kristi Gentry, 23:33.8. Ages 30 to 34: first, Ashley Werner, 22:23.4; second, Kelly Hollinden, 23:02.5; third, Emily Werner, 23:18.7. Ages 35 to 39: first, Tara Eckman, 21:58.1; second, Kristine Hile, 22:44.0; third, Rachel Gordon, 23:43.1. Ages 40 to 44: first, Melanie Krueger, 21:21.2; second, Amy Woebkenberg, 23:49.3; third, Brenda Welsh, 24:41.9. Ages 45 to 49: first, Marianne Mehringer, 24:57.8; second, Didi Ariens, 24:59.9; third, Lina Dooley, 25:15.2. Ages 50 to 54: first, Rita Uebelhor, 20:34.8; second, Mary Ann Wathen, 25:27.2; third, Candy Theile, 28:34.5. Ages 55 to 59: first, Karen Mathies, 24:02.8; second, Judie Sturm, 26:40.2; third, Jeanine Weinzierl, 26:44.5. Ages 60 to 64: first, Mickey Tuell, 25:20.8; second, Laurel Clement, 28:23.8. Ages 65 to 69: first, Eileen Lowery, 35:27.8.
Male — 14 and younger: first, Cale Kilian, 18:36.3; second, Jordan Kaiser, 19:01.5; third, Connor Schepers, 19:04.0. Ages 15 to 19: first, Luke Schepers, 16:54.1; second, Taylor Schepers, 17:03.7; third, Bryson Tretter, 17:10.9. Ages 20 to 24: first, Kory Voelkel, 17:51.4; second, Jonathan Merkley, 17:57.2; third, Donald Schepers, 18:10.5. Ages 25 to 29: first, Joshua Dodd, 19:28.4; second, Jeremy Schaeffer, 20:22.3; third, Tony Seng, 21:53.2. Ages 30 to 34: first, Chris Hollinden, 16:16:2; second, Matthew Rasche, 18:07.2; third, Jason Recker, 19:38.3. Ages 35 to 39: first, Aaron Smith, 19:19.4; second, Adam Meyer, 21:26.4; third, Lance Pieper, 21:45.6. Ages 40 to 44: first, Corey Blanchard, 19:33.3; second, Greg Shultz, 20:42.4; third, John Haas, 22:36.9. Ages 45 to 49: first, Michael Kern, 17:22.0; second, Patrick L. Miller, 21:59.7; third, Phil Schroering, 22:06.1. Ages 50 to 54: first, Pat Cassidy, 18:45.4; second, Kenny Hochgesang, 20:32.2; third, Willie Kluemper, 22:49.8. Ages 55 to 59: first, Kurt Voelkel, 23:05.3; second, Luke Habig, 24:13.4; third, Larry Schnell, 25:06.5. Ages 60 to 64: first, Dave Fuhs, 21:14.2; second, John Kluemper, 23:55.7; third, Donald Sutcliffe, 25:08.8. Ages 65 to 69: first, John Segal, 27:55.6; second, Gary Burress, 34:48.3. Ages 70 and over: first, Lee Striegel, 34:31.3; second, Paul Nonte, 36:54.1.

Youth pedal pull

0-30 pounds: first, Jackson Lockard; second, Addyson Dimmick; third, Brayton Fromme.
31-45 pounds: first, Mackenzie Eckstein; second, Kate Durcholz; third, Isabella Tucker; fourth, Aiden Persohn; fifth, Grant Wehr.
46-60 pounds: first, Alex Schwenk; second, Maddox Schnell; third, Maci Songer; fourth, Max Werner; fifth, Bralen Bair.
61-75 pounds: first, Gaige Schepers; second, Olivia Durcholz; third, Levi Schwenk; fourth, Corbin Begle; fifth, Easton Bair.
76-95 pounds: first, Mitchell Werner; second, Austin Calb; third, Jackson Campbell; fourth, Colby Kreilein; fifth, Dallas Lueken.

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