Strap in, brace for swinging temperatures

Nic Antaya/The Herald
Brett Mehringer of Jasper runs along the Jasper Riverwalk on Thursday. "I was going to run inside today. Actually, I had plans to run a treadmill until the weather warmed up like this," Mehringer said. He runs 6 miles four times a week after his shift at Jasper Engines. 


Wednesday gave us the coldest morning so far this season, with a low temperature of 16 degrees recorded at the Huntingburg Airport.

The mercury could be headed for a high of 66 degrees Saturday, according to the National Weather Service office in Louisville.

“Winter is almost always a roller coaster, at least to some extent,” says Ron Steve, a meteorologist with two first names working at the National Weather Service in Louisville.

But going from ice-glazed cold at mid-week to so pleasant a shaved-ice treat would not be out of the question by the weekend?

Sure, Steve says, noting that it all ties back to how big the waves are in the jet stream at any one time.

“We’re getting a pattern right now where the waves are on the bigger side,” he says. “It’s like you’ve got your kid’s swing set and you pull way back on the swing. That’s what we’re getting this weekend. Of course, it’s going to swing back the other way next week.”

Sunday is forecast to be sunny with a high near 60, but then look for a high in the 40s Monday and in the 30s Tuesday, with a Tuesday night low around 26 degrees.

“We’ll be back to below-normal temperatures again by the middle of next week,” Steve says. “It’s going to swing cold air back in next Tuesday and Wednesday. Beyond that, it’s much harder to say.”

And Saturday might not be all that pleasant. There are chances of rain occurring tonight into Saturday morning — it’s pretty much a 100 percent lock — and the area could see some thunderstorms, potentially strong or severe, during the afternoon and evening hours Saturday.

Also on Saturday, the calendar page flips to December, which is the start of meteorological winter — the three months of the year associated with winter weather and all that it entails.

Steve grew up in frigid northwest Indiana, so he’ll gladly take these roller coaster swings in our area that, at least, bring some pleasant days in November and December.

“You can still get some wild [temperature] swings really any time,” Steve says. “I’m just happy to see — usually — a little more sunshine here than I grew up with.”

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