Stop, look and listen is good advice

To the editor:

Stop, look and listen before you cross a railroad track is an age-old admonition.

I suggest it should apply regardless of where you are. All of us need to stop, look and listen. Stop for a moment in the middle of your hustle and bustle of making a living for yourself and your family. Look around to see how things look in the real world. Then listen, not just to one source, but to a number of sources to truly educate yourself.

The promises of hope and change that were thrown about with little regard just did not materialize.
We were told the economy would surge if billions would be spent in investments in private business. We now see that didn’t turn out as well as promised. The government’s picking losers and winners is now shown to be folly.

The nation’s economy is still feeble. The unemployment rate continues at a high level, higher yet for some minorities.

The national debt grows more every minute. Our elected officials can’t agree on any real economic issues.

In world affairs we were told that the Middle East would become more friendly toward us following an extensive tour by our president. On this tour the attitude of apology was expressed. We now see the Middle East is in deeper turmoil, threats to Israel continue, the hatred for this nation has yet to peak.

Promises escalated when our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was torched and four Americans were murdered. The survivors of that terrorist attack remain at large. The promises made regarding a thorough investigation have yet to materialize some seven months later.

We were told that our foreign policy emphasis was going to pivot to the Far East. We can see how well that’s worked with today’s headlines. North Korea has its missiles all set to fire at this nation. Already a nuclear nation, North Korea has not been pacified by any efforts from our state department.

I see serious threats to our nation from both within and without.

Stop. Look. Listen. Do not allow yourself to get hit by a train.

—David Qualkenbush

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