Stirred to action

To the editor:

To those of you who saw the recent showing of Unplanned at the Jasper Cinemas, may I humbly ask for your attention. If within your heart and mind, you realized the evils of the abortion industry and the victimization of women and the travesty perpetraded on the child, you may be stirred to action.

If, first and foremost, you are a church goer, please become the agent of change at your particular church. Please spur your church and your denomination to become active in the most critical human rights issue in history. Too many churches and denominations have failed to become active in regards to the plight of women, the unwanted, and the so called handicapped.

We have always asked for prayer. We continue to ask for prayer. But as you witnessed in the movie, the impact of prayer at actual clinics is especially significant. Perhaps you can take it upon yourself to go and pray at actual clinics and encourage your fellow church members to join you. The effect of nonjudgmental, non violent, compassionate prayer changes hearts and minds.

We have several clinics near us: one in Louisville, one in Bloomington and several in Indianapolis. We can be of assistance by providing guidance and direction in your efforts.

If you would like such information and want to become more aware of local pro-life efforts, contact us on our website, or mail you name, address and e-mail address to Dubois County Right to Life, PO Box 75, Huntingburg, IN, 47542.

—Glen M. Sturm
Dubois County Right to Life

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