Sternberg donates community Christmas tree

By Herald Staff

JASPER — The community Christmas tree on the courthouse lawn during the 2020 Christmas and holiday season has been donated by Jake Sternberg of Jasper.

This tree serves as the main Christmas tree for Jasper for the holiday season.

The lights on the tree, the red bows and the lighted garland on the street poles were financed by Patoka 2000. Contributions were received by individuals in the community in memory of loved ones, or in honor of special occasions.

The lights on the trees and perimeter lighting on many of the downtown buildings were financed by individual merchants and also by the Greater Downtown Jasper Business Association.

The 17 large flower pots lining Main Street Jasper were funded through the efforts of: Heart of Jasper, City of Jasper, Patoka 2000, Jasper Chamber of Commerce, Greater Downtown Jasper Business Association and Jasper Strassenfest.

Heart of Jasper volunteers also placed painted trees, garland and lights in the planter boxes in the Square area.

The city electric department installed the garland, lights and the community Christmas tree. They also attached the red bows to the tree and were responsible for designing, making and placing the star at the top of the main tree.

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