Stay safe, neighbor

To the editor:

This is in response to the man who wrote the recent semi-coherent letter to The Herald regarding COVID-19. Pardon me if I have zero understanding of how you can still be denying the gravity of the virus at this stage when multi-millions of people have been affected worldwide and over 625,000 have died in the United States alone. Stating that COVID-19 was never a big deal shows complete ignorance of reality, as does the statement that injuries and death caused by the vaccines is the “big deal.” The opposite is true; serious side effects have been minimal. The vaccines are effective AND safe.

As for wearing masks, what’s the problem? I don’t like them either and can’t wait to be rid of them for good. However, even though I’m fully vaccinated I will continue to wear a mask anywhere I’m asked to. As a former health care worker for 30 years my advice is to wear a mask when advised to do so. Even if you remain healthy you can still pass on germs to an old person like me with multiple health problems or someone else with a compromised immune system. Mask wearing is just common courtesy, for God’s sake!

Another word about masks. If you don’t think they do any good, then the next time you have surgery why don’t you tell the operating room staff you’re giving them the option to decide whether or not to wear masks…or gloves or sterile gowns. After all, those people should be able to make their own decisions, too, don’t you think? So what if they breathe a few germs into your surgical wound? You’re a big, strong boy and you can handle it. Can’t you?

The government isn’t trying to control anyone. They just want to protect the health of as many of us as possible by getting us vaccinated and taking mitigation measures. Anyone who dies from this point on will die of their own stupidity, not COVID, because we now have the means to prevent the most serious effects. Stay safe, neighbor.

—Maggie Birge

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