State plans work on Sendelweck Curve

Diagram courtesy Indiana Department of Transportation


Work to make Sendelweck Curve less curvy will likely start this fall.

Sendelweck Curve is on State Road 56 east of Haysville. It starts 2.8 miles east of U.S. 231.

The earliest the curve correction work would start is Oct. 1, Indiana Department of Transportation spokesman Jason Tiller said. Once it starts, that section of the road will be closed to traffic.

“All the biggest details have been worked out,” he said. “Once [a contractor is] given the notice to proceed, the work will begin in October.”

Sendelweck Curve is comprised of two curves going in opposite directions, making an S shape. The speed drivers are to drive on State Road 56 is 55 miles per hour, but when approaching the S curve, the speed limit lowers to 35 miles per hour. Signs, rumble strips and flashing lights warn drivers of the upcoming curve. However, some drivers still do not heed the signs in time.

The plan is to realign that section of the state road south of the existing road to straighten the curve some and improve the sight distance for drivers. The work is estimated to cost more than $2 million.

Bids were taken earlier this month, but a bid award has not yet been completed, Tiller said. “Once we award the contract, it’s just a matter of setting the start date and end date,” he said.

The official state detour will utilize U.S. 231, State Road 164, State Road 545 and North County Road 500 East. But INDOT knows that traffic will likely use sections of county roads to go south and east to get around the closure since they are closer to the area.

The Dubois County Commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding with INDOT last week for an unofficial detour using County Roads 325 East, 600 North and 175 East. In the agreement, INDOT will cover the costs for repairing damages to the county roads caused by the extra usage while the state road is closed.

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