State finals creates bonds, memories for Schroeder



Haley Schroeder won’t soon forget the experiences that she made this past weekend at the IHSAA Golf State Finals at the Prairie View Golf Club in Carmel.

While the end result might not have necessarily been what the Jasper senior was hoping for (she shot a 210 — 108 on Day 1, 102 on day 2), the fun she had this past weekend in Central Indiana was well worth it.

“The atmosphere was just something else,” Schroeder said. “Everyone was so grateful to be up there and it was just a totally different experience because at regional everyone is so tense wanting to get to state but once you get there it’s more of a relaxed feeling.”

Schroeder said that Prairie View was definitely the longest golf course she’s ever played and that was something she had to adjust to.

But after using her 3-wood and 6-iron consistently early due to the length of the course, she was happy with the work she was able to do driving the ball.

“One strong suit was my driver just because I was able to hit it far every time and if not then I’d hit my 3-wood as far as I needed to,” Schroeder said.

The biggest challenge other than the length of the course?

“The sand — I think I saw more sand on the course I did at the beach. It was just everywhere.”

But perhaps the most fun experience for Schroeder didn’t necessarily come on the course at all.

She said that being able to spend the weekend with her fellow two seniors (Madeline Springer and Brynn Leinenbach) and have some fun in Indianapolis after her rounds were over helped create a bond that will last for a long time.

“Going to state my senior year with my two seniors will be an experience that I’ll always remember,” Schroeder said. “We went to TopGolf and then tried out an escape room so it was just so much fun to bond with them this weekend and the past four years. I love those two girls to death and it’s a memory we will cherish forever.

“We’ve grown to have such a wonderful friendship and I know I’ll be able to continue that into college and throughout life as I’ll always stay connected to those two girls.”

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