Stamm embracing each opportunity

Photo by Jimmy Lafakis/The Herald
Carter Stamm, a 2020 Jasper graduate, has been critical this summer in relief for the Dubois County Bombers.


HUNTINGBURG — Carter Stamm finds his inner peace on the pitcher’s mound. He strides up to the rubber, finds a comfortable grip and enjoys executing his best pitches.

No matter the situation, he yearns to gain an edge over his opponent in the batter’s box. His competitive fire has helped him find success while he has pitched for the Dubois County Bombers.

“I enjoy going out there for however long they want me to go,” Stamm said. “I try my best to throw strikes and have my defense help me. I know they’re back there to help me.”

Dubois County coach Travis LaMar underscored Stamm’s consistency. Stamm has displayed a knack for finding his spots at Jasper High School and the University of Southern Indiana.

“He’s a steady hand,” LaMar said. “You know what you’re going to get out of him every time you put him out there. He’s going to show up every day. He’s going to have a good attitude. He’s a great teammate. He’s a positive person to have around.”

Stamm bets on himself in crucial save situations. He’s been tested before, so he knows how to emerge victorious.

“I enjoy it,” Stamm said about closing. “Whenever I come in there, I’m like, ‘Well, it’s basically up to me to finish it out. My teammates have got me here to this point, so now I’ve just got to shut the door and do my best.’ ”

He recorded 24 strikeouts in 34 innings during his freshman year at USI. Sixteen out of his 17 appearances came in relief, so he needed to adjust to his new role.

“It was my first year just being a pitcher. I didn’t know how I would like that. At USI, I wasn’t a starter. I thought that was going to be a big change, but I’ve adapted well. I enjoy it. I respect the role that they gave me.”

While growing up in Jasper, Stamm enjoyed attending Bombers games as a child. He was, quite literally, always hoping for a piece of the action.

“It’s kind of funny,” Stamm said. “When I was younger, I would come here and watch these guys. I was like, ‘Woah.’ I would always try to get a foul ball or a broken bat. Now, it’s kind of crazy that I’m out here. It’s weird to realize all of that, but it’s pretty cool.”

These days, Stamm employs his arsenal of pitches to record strikeouts and send the home fans into frenzies.

“I’ve always said, ‘Any time we can get the ball in his hands, we feel pretty confident that we’re going to come away with the win,’ ” LaMar said. “He’s at least going to give us a chance. It’s very calming to know that you’ve got someone who is going to be consistent every time he goes out there. You’re going to be able to expect what you’re going to get.”

The player-coach respect is mutual. Stamm tipped his cap to LaMar for guiding the Bombers this summer.

“He does a good job on emphasizing that we’re here to have fun,” Stamm said. “Nothing is too serious, but we’re still out here to win the game. Nobody comes out here to mess around.”

More than anything, this summer’s campaign has helped Stamm adapt to another aspect of college baseball. He’s expanding his toolbox at League Stadium, and he’s having the time of his life along the way.

“I’ve enjoyed this a lot,” Stamm said. “It’s been a fun summer. It’s not what I expected, really. I didn’t know how it was going to be, playing every day. I’ve really liked it and had a lot of fun down here.”

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