St. Charles honors nurses for all they do

Photos by Marlena Sloss/The Herald
St. Charles Health Campus resident Betty Drake, center, escorted by Assisted Living Supervisor Toni Clifton of Shoals, right, received a rose from Qualified Medical Assistant Dakota Chastain of Jasper during the Walk of Fame recognition ceremony to honor nurses for National Nurses Week at the Jasper campus Friday. Drake, who held her graduation photo from the Indiana University nursing program, said the ceremony was surprising. “I don’t really remember being recognized like that,” she said.

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JASPER — When Lisa Dorsey was just 7 years old, her mother died. She lost her dad when she was 16.

“When I was 14, my dad had open heart surgery and I had to take care of him and be there for him,” the Taswell woman said. “I just wanted to do the same for someone else.”

That prompted her to become a nurse and she was one of many nurses honored during St. Charles Health Campus’ Walk of Fame Friday afternoon. She’s been a nurse there for 10 years.

Clifton, who has worked at the St. Charles Health Campus for 11 years, smiled for a photo after walking down the red carpet.

Each year, nurses and health care professionals across the country celebrate the love, compassion, and hard work displayed daily by nurses during National Nurses Week, an annual weeklong celebration that begins May 6 and concludes May 12, the birthday of nurse Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

May 6 was declared National Nurses Day in 1982 when then President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation for the day.

This past week, St. Charles Health Campus in Jasper recognized the national celebration.

“This week gives them (the nurses) time to be honored and recognized for all that they do,” said Tanya Hentrup, St. Charles’ director of health services and a Shoals resident.

Various activities and events were hosted for both the campus’ nurses and residents, including silly sock and hat days, trivia, a grill out, and root beer floats.

Licensed practical nurse Melissa Davis of Jasper walked down the red carpet.

Friday’s Walk of Fame event concluded the week. Staff, residents, friends and family all gathered to recognize their caring nurses, including four residents who were nurses by profession.

“They are truly servants and they provide exceptional care so we like to recognize that,” Hentrup said.

The nurses were invited to walk a red carpet as their names were called and their services were honored. Along with the love, support, and thankfulness of those in attendance, they were also honored with a rose.

For Sally Moorman, a St. Charles resident who retired as a nurse in 1995, the work of a nurse holds a very special place in her heart. With a desire to help others, Moorman was inspired to become a nurse.

“It’s a beautiful thing to be recognized for,” Moorman said.

As part of the celebration, the residents also voted for their “Favorite Nurses” — Toni Clifton and Hailea Chatman — for going above and beyond every day. However, each and every St. Charles nurse is special to its residents.

“You think of one person and say, ‘She’s my best friend,’ and then you think of someone else and think, ‘Oh no, she’s my best friend!’ The line goes on and on,” Moorman said.

Assistant director of nursing Lisa Dorsey of Taswell was recognized for her work as a nurse and her 10 years of employment at the St. Charles Health Campus.

To nurses everywhere, their patients are more than just that, they are family.

“Before I was married, I used to work every holiday,” Dorsey said. “The residents would ask me why, and I would tell them it’s because they are my family.”

Hentrup added, “They’re our family as much as we are their family.”

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