St. Anthony Road West worsens, remains closed


The hole in St. Anthony Road West has gotten bigger.

But why the hole formed in the road, which is still barricaded and closed to traffic, and what needs to be done to repair it is what Patriot Engineers of Evansville will find out, County Engineer Brent Wendholt explained to the Dubois County Council Monday evening.

The council appropriated $15,000 to hire the company to do borings to determine the cause of the hill and road slide and give recommendations on how the problem can be fixed.

“We closed it two weeks ago, and it’s getting worse,” Wendholt said. “And it’s still moving.”

The hole is now big enough for a person to stand in it, he said

And there is an 8-inch waterline belonging to St. Anthony Water that will have to be redone by the water utility, County Highway Superintendent Steve Berg added.

Wendholt said he couldn’t give an estimate of how much it will cost to fix the road until the work is done to determine what caused the sliding.

Patriot is scheduled to do boring work on Wednesday to get samples to analyze. It will take about two weeks to get any results back, Wendholt said.

Until a solution is found and the road is repaired, St. Anthony Road West will remain closed from its intersection with County Road 350 South to County Road 450 South.

The council also:

• Agreed that the county needs to have a human resources director and agreed to start the search for hiring one. The Dubois County Commissioners have already agreed 2 to 1 to create the position; the council will eventually have to appropriate funding for the position’s salary. A position in the auditor’s office that will soon be open because of a retirement won’t yet be filled.

• Consented to advertising to appropriate $150,000 for the highway department to construct a building on the county garage grounds to replace a damaged building. This new building will be tall enough to house some of the department’s taller equipment, Berg said.

• Appropriated $85,000 for chip-and-seal work to be done on County Road 800 West.

• Approved a letter of intent for state funding and a $31,680 contract with WTH to clean up the GIS data for future 911 technology upgrades that will be mandated in the future. 911 Director Janice Love explained that the cleanup includes putting addresses entered by different local departments and governments into one uniform format. The state will fund 60 percent of such projects. But the letter of intent and application must be turned in by March 1.

• Appropriated $5,738 from the 911 fund to pay Love for the 184 hours of vacation and personal leave time that she will not use before she retires at the end of March.

Appropriated $12,500 to furnish a new ambulance site in the county being given to the ambulance department for EMS workers who stay on duty at the location overnight.

Appropriated $10,000 to update the servers and database used by the Dubois County Courthouse to a modern version that is supported for repairs and updates, since the current 2008 version is becoming obsolete

Approved a $1,581 appropriation from the pretrial diversion fund to purchase a radar package for a Jasper Police Department car.

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