Speed limit change proposed for safety


HUNTINGBURG — If a speed limit change is made near Progress Parkway, the continuous stretch of road from U.S. 231 to State Road 64 would be 25 miles per hour.

The change would be for safety reasons, Street Superintendent Jason Stamm told the Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety Thursday morning.

A business owner on Styline Drive talked to Stamm about lowering the speed limit in the area where Progress Parkway changes to Styline. Currently the section is at 35 miles per hour; the business owner requested that be changed to 25 miles per hour, Stamm said.

Stamm explained why he thought it would be a good change.

“If you stand there and watch cars go south off that overpass bridge,” he said, “the day I was out there, there were two or three of them going 50, 55 miles per hour.”

The public works board is the one who would make such a change. Stamm asked that board members go look at the area and think about the request. If ready, the board could discuss the idea at its Sept. 2 meeting.

“By lowering it by 10 miles per hour, I don’t think it would hurt anything,” Stamm said.

The company is expanding its parking lot on the east side of Styline. That means pedestrians will have to cross Styline to get to the business, Stamm said. As such, the owner is also asking that the street department paint a crosswalk across Styline. Stamm is open to doing that.

“I don’t necessarily like it because it is in the middle of a block,” Stamm said, “but they have no choice based on where they’re at.”

The crosswalk would lead from the west side of the street to an island in the middle of the street, and then on to the east side. That does help with safety, Stamm said, since pedestrians would have a place to safely stop if they can’t cross all lanes at one time. The company will buy flashing-light pedestrian crossing signs to install as well.

The company has its lot ready, so the matter will need to be addressed.

“Whether we put the crosswalk in or not, it's going to be a safety thing, because they (pedestrians) have to cross, Stamm said.

The board also:

• Approved allowing the Dubois County Daughters of the American Revolution to place a “Never Forget” marker in the city this year, which is the 100th anniversary of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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