Spectrum customers’ tornado warnings changing

From Local Sources

JASPER — The Jasper Police Department is informing Spectrum cable subscribers in Jasper and Huntingburg that they will no longer receive tornado warnings through the local cable interrupter.

In a media release, Jasper police say subscribers will continue to receive notifications for tornado warnings through their televisions; however, those warnings will be issued from the National Weather Service.

In the past, according to Jasper police, tornado warnings were issued from the National Weather Service as well as from the Jasper Police Department. In order for the interrupter to be activated, a member of the Jasper Police Department would go through a series of steps to record the weather message over the phone.

Once the necessary steps were completed, police said, a message would be broadcast over the cable system.

In previous years, the local interrupter was considered a valuable resource to bet a more localized location of a tornado touchdown rather than a broad tornado warning issued for Dubois County, according to Jasper police.

With aging equipment, the local interrupter has not always worked properly during monthly tests, police said.

Citizens have reported their televisions failing to resume normal broadcasting once a test alert was complete, police said. There were also complaints of test alerts being extremely loud.

After testing this past year, police said, it was determined the interrupter could take up to 10 minutes before the monthly tornado test alert would be issued to the public.

Jasper police are encouraging all citizens to have an emergency alert weather radio, a weather app on their cellphone or stay tuned to local news media during severe weather events.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — NOAA — weather radios operate 24 hours a day and are a reliable source of timely weather information, such as severe weather, tornado watches and tornado warnings.

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