Speak out about your gun rights now

To the editor:

Indiana Senator Mike Braun is willing and eager to violate the people's constitutional gun rights by imposing bans on guns and accessories. He has no hesitation in subjecting the American working class to unconstitutional red flag laws that violate the Bill of Rights, which is meant to protect regular people from a corrupt police state.

This is not surprising considering Sen. Braun happily stood on a stage to kiss the golden ring of a tax dodging, sexual assaulting, girl groping, spoiled rich kid named Donald Trump who has several accusations of rape lodged against him.

Trump, the ultimate product of tax cheating nepotism, boasts about sexually assaulting women and committing adultery. The elitist says “trust me” and promises that gun owner rights are safe under his watch and then uses his presidential pen to carve up the Second Amendment.

Money class elitists do not care about the true purpose of the Second Amendment — the people's ability to defend themselves from an oppressive police state. The only guns Sen. Braun cares about are the ones he uses to blast doves from the sky like live targets in a golf-like blood sport.

Wealthy phonies pretend to be pro-gun when they need votes to get an ego-feeding life promotion. All of the sudden, they are great patriots and Christians who wrap themselves in the flag and the Bible and use kids and the military as props. After they get that life promotion, they take a hatchet to our rights.

The reality is, shootings are dramatic and make lots of money for the mass media. But with 300 million diverse people, things are pretty safe and peaceful overall.

Even with the pointless war on drugs and gun bans which increase violence rather than decreasing it, Americans are safer now than they have ever been. The real threat to our safety are those that want to strip the regular working class people of their ability to own whatever guns and accessories they want.

Speak out before these elitists take away your rights, not after.

—Shane Zoglman

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