Southridge bands host ISSMA festival

HUNTINGBURG — Southridge Middle School and Southridge High School bands hosted the Indiana State School Music Association District Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Festival on Jan. 26. 

There were 20 area schools participating in this event. Students performed prepared music selections in Groups I-V (I being the most difficult) and received division ratings. Gold Division (superior) is the highest rating, followed by silver, bronze and participation.

Southridge Middle School had 16 entries that earned 15 gold and one silver rating. Southridge High School had 11 entries that earned 11 gold ratings.

Jarek Kalas with a clarinet solo, Evie Sherer with a French horn solo and the clarinet trio of Leah Wagner, Brianna Stasel and Jarek Kalas advanced to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Gold Division

Solos, ensembles

Flute solo: Zoe Hollinden.

Oboe solo: Grace Neier and Dori Sherer.

Clarinet solo: Ava Rasche, Shayla Reyes and Jarek Kalas.

Alto saxophone solo: Diego Menjivar, Madi Wright and Olivia Durcholz.

Trumpet solo: Mackenzie Tobin.

French horn solo: Ryan Roby and Evie Sherer.

Euphonium solo: Lindsay Echeverria, Andrew Sander and Drew Meece.

Snare drum solo: Cameron Allen and Emma Buening.

Drum set solo: Cameron Allen.

Xylophone solo: Ruthie Sherer.

Flute trio: Ella Bailey, Kylie Merkel and Zoey Bright.

Trumpet trio: Gracie Stasel, Peyton Neier and Kate Durcholz.

Clarinet trio: Jarek Kalas, Brianna Stasel and Leah Wagner.

Clarinet quartet: Leah Wagner, Shayla Reyes, Mackenzie Roby and Devin Carter.

Percussion quartet: Emma Buening, Cameron Allen, Garrison Sickbert and Aliek Armstrong.

Large brass ensemble: Catie Pauckner, Wyatt Sherer, Elizabeth Fleck, Emily Roby, Bethany Brooks, Evie Sherer, Jose Nunez, Andrew Sander and Tyler Laughlin.

Large marching percussion ensemble: Melissa Dubon, Jazmyne Ramsey, Owen Kinker, Angel Garrett, Michael Kerr, Dori Sherer, Jarek Kalas, Esmeralda Garcia, Olivia Durcholz, Rhiley Peters, Elisha Painter, Brianna Stasel, Elizabeth Fleck and Tyler Laughlin.

Silver Division

Solos, trio

Trumpet: Tristan Mathieu.

Clarinet solo: Jarek Kalas.

French horn solo: Evie Sherer.

Clarinet trio: Jarek Kalas, Brianna Stasel and Leah Wagner.

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