930 will join 812 as regional area code

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The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission announced this afternoon that southern Indiana will get a new area code — 930 — with the adoption of an overlay zone.

The current area code, 812, has been running out of available numbers and the commission has held 10 public hearings since March to gather input on how the situation should be handled. The regulatory commission said an overlay was the overwhelmingly popular choice advocated by parties to the case, the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor and the public.

The new area code will be assigned over the same geographic area, which means that any customer requesting new or additional service, land line or wireless, could be assigned the new area code.

The overlay will result in the need to dial 10 digits for all phone numbers in the area, even if they are local numbers. To aid in the transition, the area will have a 13-month grace period that will include six months of customer education and network preparation, followed by six months of allowing both seven- and 10-digit dialing, and then one month of mandatory 10-digit dialing.

Even after the transition is complete, local calls and local calling areas will remain the same.

Until today’s decision, the 812 area code was the only remaining area code left untouched in Indiana since its inception in 1947. All other areas have since been split to accommodate growing demand.
Population growth, economic progress and the demand for new services like cellphones, fax machines and computers have all contributed to the number shortage.

The 930 and 812 area codes together have a projected life of 71 years.

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