Sorry, Donald Trump is not God's chosen messenger

To the editor:

One more remark that Donald Trump is somehow God's chosen messenger has been one too many. While I don't dispute that God's ways are sometimes a mystery to us mortals, the idea of Trump being divinely ordained because of his stance on abortion is simply a fantasy.

Donald Trump has never believed deeply in anything besides himself. He has never proposed any course of action without considering how it will affect him, and he knows there is a large group of voters who are anti-abortion so, "voila," Donald is anti-abortion.

I am a firm believer that abortion is the murder of a human being, but I know that not everyone else feels that way. My church also officially condemns sterilization and discourages contraception, except by church-approved methods, but people are lawfully allowed to make decisions about these things for themselves.

It is a shame that abortion has become politicized. But do not believe for a moment that being anti-abortion makes you pro-life.

Republicans may fiercely defend a baby's right to be born, but if that baby is born into poverty they instantly want to deny it any chance for a decent life. When Republicans talk about cutting the federal deficit, they don't talk about taking back the generous tax cuts for their wealthy supporters; they always want to start with social service programs like food stamps and Medicaid and Head Start and so forth. They invariably blame poverty on the poor.

If God sent Donald Trump to us for a purpose, then surely it is to teach us what kind of person NOT to vote for. And if you continue to support this abomination who is now our president because he claims to be anti-abortion, you are forever complicit in the entirety of his corruption and cruelty.

—Margaret Birge

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