Some Patoka Lake ramps, campsites close for projects

To assist with completion of two Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District (PLRWSD) projects, portions of Patoka Lake’s recreational facilities will temporarily close soon.

A portion of Fishermen’s Campground in Newton-Stewart State Recreation Area will close Sept. 8 to assist PLRWSD with replacement of 3,800 feet of water pipeline that runs beneath the lake. The pipeline serves southern Orange County and northern Crawford County.

For safety, because heavy equipment will be used extensively in the area, Fishermen’s Campground campsite Nos. 28 through 68 and the youth tent area will close. The campsites are expected to reopen Oct. 26.

Fishermen’s Campground and South Lick Fork boat ramps, both in Dubois County, will close Sept. 21 and Sept. 28, respectively. Both are expected to reopen Oct. 26. The ramp closings allow Allied Technical Services Inc., the contractor for both PLRWSD projects, to safely set up their barges, load and unload heavy equipment and stage materials.

South Lick Fork boat ramp will be closed to limit motorized boat traffic in that area. Boaters are asked to stay at least 300 feet away from the barges and pipeline that will be temporarily floating on the surface before being installed. The pipeline will be assembled at Fishermen’s Campground.

For more information, contact Patoka Lake at 812-685-2464, or PLRWSD operations manager Shawn Kluesner, 812-678-8350,

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