Sobriety checkpoint set for Friday

From Local Sources

JASPER — Indiana State Police at the Jasper Post plan to conduct a sobriety checkpoint Friday at an undisclosed location within Dubois County.

Drivers encountering the checkpoint will need to have licenses and vehicle registrations handy during stops that police say should be brief unless further investigation is necessary.

The purpose of the checkpoint will be to remove impaired drivers from roadways and Lt. Jason Allen and Sgt. George Wooten said it will occur in an area identified as having a high number of alcohol-related crashes.

Police are mandated by law to announce checkpoints in advance after a United States Supreme Court ruling that they are constitutionally permissible.

In announcing the checkpoint, Allen and Wooten shared these tips:

• Plan ahead and always have someone as a designated driver.

• Don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you’ve been consuming alcoholic beverages.

• If you are impaired, please call a taxi or call a sober friend or family member to come and get you.

• If you are hosting a party, always offer alcohol-free beverages, and make sure that all of your guests leave with a sober driver.

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