Small family gathers for reunion

The descendants of Nicholas and Margery Lemond Small held their annual reunion at the Duff Conservation Club.

Communication was received and shared on an additional link to Our Small ancestry. This was provided by two cousins, Virginia Fairchild, 93 1/2, of Centennial, Colorado, and Barbara Purdy, 90 1/2, of Aurora, Coloradio.

Notes of well wishes and thinking of you gathered for the reunion were sent in by Charlie and Dixie Raby were shared with attendees.

Thanks were extended to all the past hosts of this annual event.

The reunion began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by recognizing the service members.

Guest speaker was the Honorable Judge Hugo Songer. He shared stories from his book, “Dufftown,” along with his memories and history of the Smalls and Duff community. Following his presentation, a blessing of the carry-in meal was given by Gordon Hochmeister.

Traveling the greatest distance were Todd and Tim Small from Lutz, Florida, Bill and Linda Small from Dade City, Florida, Michelle, Greg and Sydney Burnette from Fortson, Georgia, and Blake and Natalie Burnette from Columbus, Georgia.

The oldest attendee was Honorable Judge Hugo Songer and the youngest attendee was Lexi Grace, both from Huntingburg.

Other attendees were Jan (Lowe) Kee from Woodstock, Illinois; Trace Lowe from Wonder Lake, Illinois; Kathryn (Lowe) Nelson from Carpentersville, Illinois; Robert L. Harris from Indianapolis; Irvin and Rhetta Feguson, their daughter, Jan, and husband, Brian, from Greensburg; Gordon and Jean Hochmeister from Washington; Bonnie Issac, Peggy and Floyd DeVillez and Stephen DeVillez from Evansville; Marsha and David DeSchamp, Dean and Heather Sermersheim and Steve Schrodt from Princeton; Matt Keller, Heather, Hannah, Kaleb, Brad Richard, Elaine and Charlie Rice from Dale; Connie Zimmerman from Lincoln City; Debra Betz from Celestine; Beverly Lichlyter from Velpen; Gerald and Nancy Smith and Beth Ann Brown from Holland; Phyllis Reinbold, Kaylyn Long and Ryan Vaupel from Jasper; Daniel and Ashley Smith, Judy and Tom Martindale, Roger Stutsman, Douglas Hochmeister, Tom Hochmeister, Darlene and Charlie Franzell from Huntingburg; Alan and Ruth Small, Charlie and Jane Hochmeister, LaVerne Reinbold, Andrew “Andy” Long Sr., Janelle, Chase, Clayton, Lexi Grace, Andrew (A.J.) Long Jr., Hailey Leistner and Adyan, all from Duff.

The celebration was hosted by Darlene (Hochmeister) Franzell and Michelle Burnette. Thanks were given to everyone who traveled, set up table decorations, decorated the clubhouse, assisted with meal the buffet, making and posting of reunion signs, and clean up of the clubhouse after the event.

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