Sluggish economic growth and the deficit are problems

To the editor:

E.J. Dionne wrote a column (Oct. 29) regarding the Democrats not confronting the proper problem facing our country and the tea party being focused on the wrong problem. He said the wrong problem was the deficit and the correct problem was the “sluggish growth and the persistent unemployment.” He is partially right, but the deficit is a problem along with sluggish growth and persistent unemployment. He later blamed the sequester cuts for adding to the problem and suggested the first thing Congress could do was end them. This is where he went wrong. The sequester did not cut government spending. It only slowed the growth of spending.

Some of our problem lies with added regulation and wasted government spending. For example, Government Motors stock sold for $9.5 billion at a loss of about $30 billion, Solyndra’s $500 million loan guarantee, $600 million for which doesn’t work. I would surmise that the companies behind the website won’t correct the problem for no charge.

Dionne, mainstream media, congressional Democrats and President Obama continue to blame the Republicans, specifically tea party Republicans, for the debacle in Washington. If you were called “extremists” and “anarchists,” and the opposition said they will not negotiate, would you want to negotiate? It is time to stop the name-calling and finger-pointing, quit slanting the facts with political spin and get to work. The whole bunch in Washington are to blame. And we are to blame for voting them into office.

—Vincent Granacher

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