Sisters announce ‘Names of God’ retreat

FERDINAND — Sisters of St. Benedict will sponsor a retreat, “Names of God,” at the Sisters of St. Benedict, Monastery Immaculate Conception, Benedictine Hospitality Center, 802 E. 10th St. The retreat will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 14, and end at 3 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 15.

Presenter is Emily Askew, who teaches theology at Lexington Theological Seminary. Join Askew in praying beyond the names “Lord” and “Father” and follow the Bible into the abundance of ways to imagine and speak to God. Together, people will find little used metaphors for God and share transformations while praying, using some of those names.

The cost is $140 and includes lodging, meals and program. For more information or to register, visit or call 812-367-1411, ext. 7345.


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