Sierra Club states stance on biomass

To the editor:

It has come to our attention that proponents of the Jasper “Clean Energy Project” have been using a report published by the Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute in their efforts to promote plans to burn biomass to generate electricity. I would like to set the record straight on the club’s position on biomass for energy.

Ӣ The Sierra Club is a nationwide environmental organization with more than 7,000 members in Indiana.

Ӣ One sentence from a five-year-old report on federal policy for renewable energy standards should not be used out of context to promote burning biomass for energy in a residential neighborhood.
The Sierra Club has not endorsed the proposed source of fuel for the Jasper “Clean Energy Project.” Burning fuel for energy is responsible for much of Indiana’s air pollution.

Ӣ The Sierra Club does support truly clean sources of energy such as solar and wind power and energy efficiency and would have serious concerns over any plan to burn fuel at a central power plant located in a residential neighborhood.

”¢ Based on our review of the very “sketchy” information now available, the Sierra Club seriously doubts that the project will ever prove to be either economically viable or environmentally sustainable.

Ӣ The Sierra Club will review and comment on applications for the required environmental permits with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management once they are filed.

We support the public’s right to know and participate in decisions affecting their health and energy sources. All options should be fully considered.

—Jodi Perras
Indiana representative of Sierra Club

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