Siebert’s to get help from national company

By Herald Staff

JASPER — Local clothing store Siebert’s is getting some financial help from a national digital media company that understands the struggles for small businesses in a pandemic.

Barstool Sports and its founder, Dave Portnoy, announced that it would give Siebert’s some financial help. Portnoy called Jim Siebert this week at the store to let him know.

“We want to help,” Portnoy told Siebert. “We want to get you in the Barstools Fund, get you guys the help you need, and make sure you’re good until this thing is over.”

As evident in the video, Siebert was moved by the gesture.

“I’m gonna start crying Dave,” he said. “It’s important for us to pass this on to the fourth generation.” Siebert mentioned that his daughter, Rachel, will own the business after he retires, becoming the fourth generation and first female to do so.

Barstool Sports has created a the Barstool Fund, in which people have donated more than $10.6 million.

Portnoy is using the donations to give money to small businesses all across the country. He has said that he was once a small business owner, so he understands the struggles.

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