Sheriff's Office warns of scam calls

From Local Sources

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public today about scam calls from people purporting to be with the sheriff’s office or a bond agency.

Recent scam callers claim they are bail bondsmen or sheriff’s office employees attempting to gather bond funds for friends or family members who have been arrested, according to Sgt. Stuart Wilson.

The sheriff’s office believes these scammers are gathering information from social media, such a Facebook, to acquire details about potential victims and their acquaintances.

The scam callers claim than an arrest has been made, according to Wilson. They will ask for payment by phone and will commonly ask for payment by gift card or money order.

“The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office will never contact anyone by phone requesting bonds be paid electronically with gift cards or money orders,” Wilson said in a media release. “Bonds can be paid at the Dubois County Courthouse during business hours or at the Dubois County Security Center at any time.”

Anyone with questions regarding the payment of bonds can contact the Dubois County Security Center at 812-482-3522.

“Never send money by gift card over the phone,” Wilson said. “It is always a scam.”

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