Several races to be decided in General Election


The 2018 election season will come to an end with Tuesday’s General Election.

Some may be breathing a sigh of relief. Others may be getting ready to hit the polls to vote.

And many are anxious to find out who will represent them in U.S. Congress, state government and local seats.

Voting on Election Day will run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Dubois County voters have several decisions to make on this ballot.

All voters will select either Republican Mike Braun, Democrat Joe Donnelly or Libertarian Lucy Brenton as U.S. Senator. They will also select either Democrat William Tanoos or Republican Larry Bucshon as District 8 U.S. Representative, the seat that covers Dubois County.

Voters will also select Indiana’s secretary of state, from Libertarian Mark W. Rutherford, Republican Connie Lawson and Democrat Jim Harper; state auditor, from Democrat Joselyn Whitticker, Libertarian John Schick and Republican Tera Klutz; and state treasurer, from Republican Kelly Mitchell and Democrat John Aguilera.

Voters living in Indiana Senate District 47 will select a state senator between Democrat Nick Siler and Republican Erin Houchin. Those living in the Indiana House District 63 will choose a state representative, either Republican Shane Lindauer or Democrat Joseph Lannan. And voters in District 74 will choose a House representative; their choices are Democrat Larry Kleeman and Republican Stephen Bartels

Contested countywide races include Dubois County Council District 2, between Democrat Mary E. “Becky” Beckman and Republican Darren Patterson; Dubois County Council District 3, Republican Charmian Klem and Democrat Deborah Major; Dubois County Assessor, between Democrat Angela “Angie” Giesler and Republican Eve Drew; Dubois County Clerk, between Republican Amy L. Kippenbrock and Democrat Kiersten Knies; Dubois County Recorder, between Democrat Gail (Hasenour) Reutman and Republican Jaclyn Messmer McPherron; and Dubois County Sheriff, between Republican Tom Kleinhelter and Democrat Tim Lampert.

Madison Township voters will select Democrat Bret Collignon or Republican Scott Blazey as trustee. Patoka Township residents will also select a trustee, between Independent Jeff Summers and Republican Donald Astrike. Cass Township voters will choose three advisory board members between Republican Randy Boehm and Democrats Lee Bilderback, Steve Eckert and Lisa Matthews.

Birdseye voters have four candidates to choose from to fill the three seats on the town council: Democrats Mary Ann Cummings, Lisa Huff and Roy Partenheimer, and Republican Bret Eckert.

There are also two school board seats that voters living in the school district will fill. Ken Schnaus and Jimmy Corbin are running for the Greater Jasper School Board District 1 seat; Jason Heile and Belinda Lange hope to fill the Southwest Dubois School Board District 3 seat.

Voters will have to go their specific precinct’s polling place to cast a ballot, if they have not done so already. And they will need a photo ID to cast a ballot.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles branches will have extended hours today and Tuesday to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses to be used for identification at a polling place. The branches will be open until 8 p.m. today and from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday. The local branch is in Jasper at 293 U.S. 231, in the Southgate Shopping Center.


Election Day polling places

Jasper Arts Center, 951 College Ave.

Bainbridge 1, 4N, and 4S

National Guard Armory, 1481 Bartley Street, Jasper

Bainbridge 2E, 2W, 3E, and 3W

Jasper Middle School, 3600 Portersville Road

Bainbridge 5N, 5S, 6N, 6S, and 7


Harbison 1

St. Mary Church Cafeteria, 2829 N. County Road 500W, Ireland


Madison-Jasper North and South

Madison 1 and 2

Holland United Methodist Church, 202 Second Ave.

Cass 1 and 3

Huntingburg Event Center, 200 E. 14th St.

Cass 2

Patoka 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Dubois Middle School, 4450 Fourth St.

Columbia 1

Harbison 2

Marion 1

Ferdinand Community Center, 1710 Community Drive.

Ferdinand 1, 2, and 3

Celestine Community Club, 7800 E. Ellsworth Road.


Marion 2

St. Anthony Community Center, 4665 S. Cross St.

Jackson 1 and 2

Jefferson 1 and 2

Voters must vote at their precinct’s location. Those who are not sure which precinct they are in can contact the Dubois County Clerk’s Office at 812-481-7035.


Read more about the local races below: 

 U.S. Senate (Mike Braun / Lucy Brenton / Joe Donnelly)

 District 8 U.S. Representative (Larry Bucshon / William Tanoos)

 Indiana Senate 47 (Erin Houchin / Nick Siler)

 Indiana House 63 (Joe Lannan / Shane Lindauer)

 Indiana House 74 (Steve Bartels / Larry Kleeman)

 Dubois County Sheriff (Tom Kleinhelter / Tim Lampert)

 Dubois County Clerk (Amy Kippenbrock / Kiersten Knies)

 Dubois County Recorder (Jackie McPherron / Gail Reutman)

 Dubois County Assessor (Eve Drew / Angie Giesler)

 Dubois County Council District 2 (Becky Beckman / Darren Patterson)

 Dubois County Council District 3 (Charmain Klem / Deborah Major)

 Birdseye Town Council (Mary Ann Cummings / Bret Eckert / Lisa Huff / Roy Partenheimer)

 Cass Township Advisory Board (Lee Bilderback / Randy Boehm / Steve Eckert / Lisa Matthews)

 Patoka Township Trustee (Don Astrike / Jeff Summers)

 Madison Township Trustee (Scott Blazey / Brett Collignon)

 Southwest Dubois School Board (Jason Heile / Belinda Lange)

 Greater Jasper School Board (Jimmy Corbin / Ken Schnaus)

 Spencer County Roundup

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