SERVUS! project with McAlister’s Deli still moving along


JASPER — A year after the initial announcement, SERVUS! is picking up speed on a development on South Newton Street.

In May 2017, local restaurateur SERVUS! announced a mixed-use development on a triangular piece of land on South Newton Street near Los Bravos and the Riverwalk. The $4.5 to $6 million dollar project will include a roughly 4,500 square-foot McAlister’s Deli and 4,500 square feet of other retail space on the first floor, SERVUS!’s new corporate headquarters on the second floor and six units of high-end loft apartments of approximately 1,000 square feet each on the third floor.

Last year, the Common Council approved an economic development target area and tax abatement for SERVUS! connected to the project. At its meeting Wednesday night, the council approved vacating some public right of way at the site, and SERVUS! expects to present the final plans to the plan commission in June.

“There’s a lot of things going on right now,” said Dave McGimpsey, an attorney with Bingham Greenebaum Doll of Jasper. “It’s really speeding up.”

McGimpsey represented SERVUS! at the council meeting Wednesday.

The council voted unanimously in favor of the vacation, relinquishing public utility easements and 25 feet of the right of way at the location. The development plan will include new easements that better work with the development.

There was some discussion about the 25 feet of right of way, however. Councilwoman Nancy Eckerle pointed out that the street department had concerns about the vacation and the need for those 25 feet should development continue in the South Newton area. Brad Eckerle from Brosmer Land Surveying and Engineering, who frequently works with the city and is working on the SERVUS! project, assured the council that the project team had talked to the street department and assuaged the concerns. Brosmer also pointed out that even with the vacation, the city would still have 125 total feet of right of way — 50 feet on one side and 75 on the other — along the street. New street development requires only 100 total feet.

SERVUS! has been in Jasper since 1964 and is currently headquartered on the city’s north side. The company currently operates Jasper 8 Cinema and several restaurants in the area including Denny’s, Grandy’s and Wendy’s. McAlister’s is the company’s newest addition, with its first McAlister’s Deli opening in Bedford in April 2017. Construction on the South Newton mixed-use space should begin this year.

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