Sermersheim to continue career at Vincennes

From Herald Staff Reports

JASPER — Jared Sermersheim saw a work in progress when he visited Vincennes University. For him, a campus constantly trying to improve itself was where the 2017 Jasper graduate wanted to extend his baseball career.


He made it official in the week leading up to the state finals June 17, ending a process that started with Sermersheim sending out cold emails to various college coaches at the start of this year’s baseball season.

“I always had that feeling and going into this year really I tried to email a couple coaches and see who had spots left and who was needing what. During the season I think Coach (Chris) Barney at Vincennes contacted Coach (Terry) Gobert and he sent some stuff to him and talked to him a little bit and that’s how it started.”

After the emails between Sermersheim and Barney started, Sermersheim made the trip to Vincennes the day before Jasper won the regional championship. While the renovations and expanding campus jumped out at him, it wasn’t the first aspect of his potential home that grabbed his attention.

“When I first got up to the campus the first place he had me meet him was at the baseball field,” Sermersheim said. “They have a pretty nice field up there. Coming from Jasper, we’re kind of used to that, and seeing that they take care of their field and they take pride in it was a pretty big thing for me.”

After the visit, Barney closed the deal. He was the coach Sermersheim said showed the most interest in him throughout the process, and the one pushing the hardest for Sermsersheim to spend his next two years with him.

As for the details of how those two years will exactly play out, there’s still some ambiguity for Sermersheim. He knows the Trailblazers have only one starting outfielder returning next year, making that the Jasper left fielder’s best shot at a starting spot after hitting .327 and scoring a team-high 40 runs his senior season.

He also has his major nailed down to either secondary education (so he can coach high school baseball), or sports management with a focus in physical education (so he can coach college baseball).

“I’ve got a while to figure it out and the course I have to take are overlapping, so it’s not something I need to figure out by tomorrow or anything,” Sermersheim said.

When it comes to what might happen on the field, and with his future teammates, Sermersheim hopes he has a better idea how his next couple of years will feel.

“I’m just looking forward to getting started,” said Sermersheim, the son of Fred and Gwen of Jasper. “It’s been an awesome four years playing at Jasper. After the last game at state, I realized it’s going to be really different not being with those guys pretty much every day for the next four years. Really I’m just hoping I can build some relationships with the players there and we can be close like our high school team was.”

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