Senior trooper back to police, reconnect, fish


JASPER — A highly-decorated Indiana State Police senior trooper who is a Crawford County native has transferred home to the Jasper Post.


Senior Trooper Patrick Stinson, an 11-year veteran who graduated from the 68th Indiana State Police Recruit Academy on Dec. 21, 2007, will be assigned to primarily patrol Spencer County on the midnight shift. Stinson previously was assigned to the Sellersburg Post.

With his transfer home, Stinson says he would like to start fishing again and reconnect with the locals. He wants to focus on community policing and combating the methamphetamine and heroin problems facing the local communities.

Stinson is a state police Silver Star Award recipient.

In the early morning hours of Nov. 28, 2011, Stinson was traveling north on State Street in New Albany when a pedestrian alerted him to a nearby crash where a Dodge Neon had struck a tree and then erupted into flames. Stinson immediately responded, called for additional assistance and used his fire extinguisher to break out the back window of the burning car with the intent of extinguishing the fire.

Moments later, another trooper arrived on the scene and together both troopers repeatedly attempted to remove the driver and extinguish the flames until both of their fire extinguishers were empty.

During their attempts to extinguish the flames and remove the driver from the burning vehicle, Stinson and the other trooper had to exit the burning vehicle several times to get breaths of fresh air. With the troopers keeping the fire at bay, the New Albany Fire Department was able to arrive and extinguish the flames, extricate the driver and ultimately save his life.

The senior trooper has made in excess of 1,500 impaired driving arrests in his career.

In 2009, Stinson was the Sellersburg Post’s Trooper of the District and earned the DUI Life Award as he was recognized for being No. 1 in the state with 255 impaired drivers apprehended. He also earned a Meritorious Service Award for his impaired driving enforcement efforts.

He equaled that OWI arrest total in 2010 and took 212 impaired drivers off the road in 2011.

In fact, his OWI arrest totals kept him in the force’s Top Five in 2012 (183 arrests, No. 2 in state), 2013 (191 arrests, No. 2 in state), 2014 (54 arrests, No. 5 in state) and 2016 (117 arrests, No. 3 in state). In 2014, he also served as an Indiana State Police Academy Recruit Counselor for the 73rd Recruit Academy.

Stinson’s specialty assignments have included: Tactical Intervention Platoon (riot team); Honor Guard; field training officer; firearms instructor, patrol rifle instructor; department armorer with the Sig Sauer 227 and M4 rifles.

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