Senate will 'try' Trump

To the editor:

On Monday the Senate will “try” President Trump. The trial is an extra-Constitutional proceeding not sanctioned by any document. It means nothing at all legally. Supposedly, Trump’s lawyers will bring up this fact. They also will bring up that the 2020 election was fraudulently conducted in six swing states.

That the election might have been stolen is ridiculed by every talking head, and news organization. That’s all they are allowed to say. That’s all they want to say, because virtually 100% of them are Democrats or they never would have been hired in the first place. Social media will censor anything not approved by Democrats. But what do the other 95% of Americans think? A high percentage think the election was stolen. The Democrats, of course, approve of the theft.

What do the Republicans in Congress think? Well, being as a group a bunch of milquetoasts, pusillanimous, spineless cowards, they just want to accept the fraud now that it has been more or less successfully pulled off. Hey, guys, we never really expected much better of you. We know you are basically grifters whose main activity is selling influence to special interests and big-money entities.

If the election were stolen, you don’t think the stealers are going to just let you win it back again at the ballot box in 2022. That’s illogical. Would Lenin do that? Don’t know how Lenin thought? Here’s a clue. No! (Unlike Lenin, they probably won’t kill you.) What we’ll see is packing the courts, elimination of the filibuster, control of Federal elections going to the Federal government. And if they and their media wing can convince enough people that all Trump supporters are domestic terrorists, they just might get rid of the 2022 election altogether. Keep an eye out for any of these things happening. We are already watching the construction of Fortress DC.

The Democrats may be fearful of main-street America, but they are surely not afraid of congressional Republicans. Keep in mind, a Democratic Party controlled America forever will not be a wondrous thing.

—Mike Gramelspacher Jr

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