Sen. Donnelly’s about-face on marriage is revealing

To the editor:

Wow! Talk about the strength of one’s convictions. Newly elected Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, three whole months after assuming office, has decided to reverse his core conviction and get with the party program. Yes, Donnelly will now support “marriage equality,” better known as gay marriage.

Donnelly, now in full compliance with party doctrine, recognizes that a man marrying a man, a woman marrying a woman and a man marrying a woman are essentially the same. They are equal. One’s as good as the others.

If it were not for Donnelly suddenly figuring out what every society in history and every major religion, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam, had overlooked for thousands of years, I might instead be writing about how employment has edged up 88,000 jobs in March, which, of course, is good for those getting those jobs, but adjusted for population still leaves us 1 million jobs in the hole just over the last year.

Also, had I voted for Donnelly, I might now be experiencing a penetrating and burning pain in the middle of my back.

It is quite clear that a Democrat at the national level cannot oppose gay marriage. It is also clear that he cannot oppose abortion for long, so Donnelly will flip on that too. It is almost inevitable. One cannot serve two masters.

 —Mike Gramelspacher Jr.

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