Seger-Lampert family held reunion

A Seger-Lampert reunion was held September 4th at Jasper Outdoor Recreation.

Mark Lampert started off by welcoming all the relatives and leading a prayer before dinner. 

Everyone caught up on family news, took family and group pictures with cool props, looked through scrapbooks with all the great moments with family, and just spent time visiting and playing some cards.

Attending were Tim and Cindy Eckstein, Tyler Eckstein and Ashley Beard, Alphonse and Marjorie Lampert, Stacy Merkley and Joseph, Catrina, April and Jacob Johnson, Rick and Becky Lampert, Mike and Nancy Lampert, Adley and Luci Lampert, Sarah Lampert and Jordan Schaus, Doug and Millie Bieker, Kevin and Karen Hoffman, Zach Hoffman, Kym and Darrin Williams, MaryAnn Tabor, Kris and Craig Beckman, Mark and Theresa Lampert, Janelle Lampert, Jarred and Kelli Lampert, Ray and Pam Lampert, Tim and Jenny Lampert, Lexi Lampert, Brian and Theresa Steftenagle, Helena Weidenbenner, Pat and Kim Weidenbenner, Hilary and Marilyn Lampert, Ed and Rosie Werner, Marian Lampert, Thomas and Theresa Evans, Kelly Jr and Annie Evans.

Attendance prizes were won by Hilary Lampert, Olivia Lampert, Tommy Evans, Becky Lampert, Symon Lampert, Karen Hoffman, Doug Bieker, Marilyn Lampert, Adley and Luci Lampert, Denny Lampert.

The next reunion will be held September 2023.

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