Seger-Lampert family has reunion

A Seger-Lampert reunion was held Sept. 14 at Jasper Outdoor Recreation.

John Lampert started the festivities by welcoming all the relatives and leading a prayer before dinner.

Everyone caught up on family news, sang karaoke, took pictures in the photo booth, looked through scrapbooks checking all the great moments had by all, and played in the park.

Attending were Marjorie and Alphonse Lampert, Rick and Becky Lampert and Matthew, Mike and Nancy Lampert, Steven Lampert, Adley and Luci, Sarah Lampert, Stacy Merkley and Joseph, Kathy Merkley, Doug and Mildred Bieker, Kevin and Karen Hoffman, Tim and Cindy Eckstein, Ryan Eckstein, Tyler Eckstein and Ashley Beard, Darrin and Kym Williams, Kelsey Williams and Connor Rausch, Hilary and Marilyn Lampert, Helena Weidenbenner, Pat and Kim Weidenbenner, Brian and Theresa Weidenbenner, John and Beverly Lampert, Craig and Kristina Beckman, Dennis and Linda Lampert, Fred and Mary Lampert, Betty Beckman, Alvin and Carol Lampert, Doug Lampert, Art and Virginia Vaal, Linus and Judy Lampert, Romie and Carol Lampert, Ed and Rosie Werner, Gene and Cindy Lampert, Alex Seger and Autumn Emmons, Caleb Dimmett, Larry and Lynn Seger, Gabby Seger, Kristina Hale, Lexus Holstein, Kaylee Hale, Dawson Huffman, Connie Huffman, Tina Hasenour, Jonathon Jr. and Christopher Hasenour, Terrisa Bradley, Amber Bradley, Bryant Critchfield, Carolyn Critchfield, Aaron and Melissa Critchfield.

Attendance prizes were won by Kristina Beckman, Lexus Holstein, Dennis Lampert, Connie Huffman, Tyler Eckstein, Dawson Huffman, Darrin Williams, Amber Bradley, Rick Lampert and Kaylee Hale.

The next reunion will be held in September 2021.

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