Securing consistency in schools is important

To the editor:

As schools in Pike, Spencer, and Warrick counties all returned to session, educators experienced the usual — schedule changes, reassignments, lack of internet and supplies, classroom set-up, new students, curriculum changes — and the abnormal — social distancing classrooms of 30-plus students, one-way hallways, classroom procedures for masks, virtual and in-person instruction, and all the what-ifs.

Securing consistency in our traditional public schools is more important than ever. Even though our governor has said public school funding will hold steady this year, funding for schools in District 75 did not keep up with inflation. The so-called “historic” increase to education funding touted by Republican legislators saw no increase for South Spencer, gave an increase less than inflation to Warrick County and slashed funding for Pike County by over $200,000.

In order to support our traditional public schools, the following must occur:

1. Guaranteed funding increases at least matching inflation.

2. Passage of a Rural Schools Grant to sustain schools with declining populations — kids in smaller communities deserve the same opportunities as those in larger cities.

3. Reinstatement of full bargaining rights for teachers — educator working conditions are student learning conditions

Unfortunately, Indiana’s Republican supermajority wants education to be a stepping stone job. They do not see the value in career educators transferring their experience in the classroom. As your State Representative, I will continue my career as an educator and bring those current experiences to the Statehouse.

—John Hurley
Candidate for State Representative
Indiana District 75

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