Secretive meetings with dictators not best for country

To the editor:

I believe that President Trump having secretive, private discussions with dictators like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin are not in the best interests of the United States as it only leads to speculation and to total government control of the narrative as to what happened in the private meeting between the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un and President Trump. It appears Trump is more showman than president, saying that Kim Jung Um was a great man and a good negotiator. My strong opinion is that North Korea will never give up nuclear weapons. I think Trump, by saying they are no longer a nuclear threat, has been played by the North Korean dictator.

Now Trump speaks highly of Putin while putting down our NATO allies and friends. He uses the very weak reason that some of the NATO member states are not spending enough on their individual defense budgets. Trump acts like he is a great negotiator and businessman, but after having declared several bankruptcies and only getting investments from Russian and Chinese sources for his business empire, indicates to me he is simply incompetent and completely unqualified to be president.

Now he wants a secret chat with the guy who directed and is directing a cyber-attack against America. He needs to be watched closely. Even his aides say he is not ready for this secret chat. All of this, along with his constant lying, refusal to submit to special council questions, etc., indicates to me he is a weak and insecure person. And considering what his long-time personal attorney is saying, most probably with a criminal mentality, while being blackmailed by Putin.

—Dan Barrett

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