School shootings should have ended with Columbine

To the editor:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again until I am heard: I am tired. I’m tired of prayers and condolences. I’m tired of coffins being made for teenagers and young children. I’m tired of the NRA paying politicians $10 and $20 and $30 million to ensure that people like Nikolas Cruz have easy access to guns. Yet they have the audacity to tell survivors of these shootings that this “should never have happened.” I’m tired of people trying to arm teachers. President Reagan was surrounded by the Secret Service when he was shot, but I guess he would have been safe if a high school math teacher was with him. I’m tired of people blaming this on mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t excuse mass murder. I’m tired of people saying that their guns need to be protected.

Your right to own anything never outweighs someone else’s right to live. I’m tired because 16-year-olds shouldn’t have to explain to middle-aged men that killing children is bad. I’m tired because this shouldn’t even be a problem anymore; it should have ended after Columbine. Yet no one in Congress wants to do anything to actually help. I am tired, but I will no longer stand back. I will not rest until my nieces and nephews can go to school without fear of dying. Gun control is no longer a debate. Almost 300 students have been killed, and Congress still doesn’t care.

—Nikita Fischer

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