School demo difficult to see, but will open up area

To the editor:

It is a bit difficult to see that picture of the excavators ripping down the old school (Tenth Street Elementary in Jasper). I watched from my eighth-grade window in St Joseph Grade School as the school was constructed. Of course, since I lived on Tenth Street right across from the school, I explored the construction site closer than that. That whole area used to be a playground. There were two baseball fields and an area for football and there was a row of small trees along the road. It was all sacrificed to build the school.

I never attended that school myself, but my sister and brothers all did. My eighth-grade diploma still said St Joseph, but after that year they all read Tenth Street School. We high school kids used the school for religious education one evening a week, and after class we were permitted to use the gym for basketball. Our explorer scouts used the meeting room in the basement. Now the building will disappear again, and the space be used for a parking lot.

Living on Tenth Street one realized for decades that Recreation Field was in serious need of more parking. The removal of the school will really open up the area like it used to be. Residents of Tenth Street will get their old visibility back in respect to St. Joseph Church. Especially with the Sister’s House gone. Really, I’m thinking it will be a wonderful improvement. Especially since there are no kids around anymore to play pick-up baseball like there used to be.

—Mike Gramelspacher Jr.

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