Scared Chicken

Marlena Sloss/The Herald
Kaitlyn Seffernick of Ferdinand, 13, reacted after trying to pet a chicken held by Cody Goeppner of Ferdinand at the Ferdinand Farmers Market outside St. Benedict’s Brew Works on Saturday. Though she said chickens scare her, Kaitlyn was willing to try petting the bird. The market, which will be held the second Saturday of each month until November, hosted a band, local vendors and live chickens to educate attendees about growing food and raising animals. “There’s just a sense of community that comes with a farmers market that is unlike anything else,” said Goeppner, who is a farmers market committee member.


Anne Abbett of Jasper led a free yoga class during the market.


Madeline Tuggle of Ferdinand, 9, decorated the sidewalk with chalk drawings in front of the Ferdinand House of Flowers stand at the market.


Brooke Daunhauer of Ferdinand sold honey made by her neighbor Doug Winchell of Ferdinand at the market.


Rachel Cartwright of Evansville performed with Neil Yockey of Boonville, left, Dan Otto of Jasper, right, and Lewis Eades of Evansville (not pictured) at the market.

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