Run-down property to get new owner


JASPER — A solution is in sight for a property the county has ordered to be cleaned up and cleared.

The property at 571 E. 300N, Jasper, owned by Julie Greener, is being purchased by Stan Kunkel, he told the Dubois County Commissioners Monday.

Pending the title search, to check for any existing liens, Kunkel wants to complete the contract transaction by the end of this week.

“It will be my property,” Kunkel said. “We want to build a house on it.”

Kunkel’s plan is to build at the end of July or beginning of August, he said.

In the contract, Kunkel would like to give Greener 50 days to remove her items off the property. And if she hasn’t done it by then, Kunkel will clear the property, he said.

With that, Kunkel asked the commissioners for a time extension to get the work done. “I am asking the (commissioners) to give me a little more time to do this,” he said.

The Greener property has been an issue for the county health department for years. When the unsafe buildings ordinance passed last May, the county had a course of action it could take with the property, and it did.

The commissioners, acting as the hearing authority board per the ordinance, held a hearing on the property. The evidence from an inspection of the property done by the health department at the end of May, showed bags of trash and debris stacked up in and around the house and pole barn, in six vehicles and in a semitrailer; a hole in the house’s roof, which was another hazard; and drums of standing water that had mosquito larvae growing in it. The health department said it had received numerous complaints from neighbors who live near the property.

The board declared the property as a public nuisance, stating that the site was unsafe and a danger to public health. Greener was ordered several times to clean up the property and was given time to do so throughout last year and the beginning of this year.

As of January, the house was demolished and the debris and overgrown vegetation was removed. But the pole barn was still full and derelict vehicles, including a semitrailer, remained on the property.

Last month, the commissioners gave Greener a deadline of the beginning of April to clear the property, otherwise the county would do so and charge the bill to Greener or the property as a lien.

On Monday, the commissioners were very receptive to Kunkel’s plan. They agreed to postpone the existing order until their next meeting, on April 15. The commissioners said they will likely grant the 60-day extension at that time, if the contract goes through and Kunkel is the new owner of the property.

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