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A statewide effort by the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Correction and state Adopt-A-Highway groups to clean along more than 3,000 miles of Indiana roadway begins in earnest Saturday and will run through April 27.

Trash Bash 2014 coincides with National Earth Day.

Last year, 20,678 bags of trash were collected from alongside 3,400 miles of Indiana roadways by INDOT maintenance crews, Indiana Department of Correction offender crews and 1,633 Adopt-A-Highway volunteers, according to INDOT spokeswoman Cher Elliott. Also collected were 1,256 cubic yards of loose debris which included some strange items such as an electric meter, laptop, horse whip and cash, Elliott said.

 “The Department of Correction strives to rehabilitate offenders in many ways and cleaning up Hoosier highways is one program that allows them to give back to the community and turn doing time into doing good,” said Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Bruce Lemmon.
“Partnering with INDOT in their Annual Trash Bash and helping brighten up our great state is one of our agency’s favorite activities.”

INDOT encourages all Hoosiers to do their part to prevent litter on Indiana’s roadways. Suggestions include:

”¢ Don’t litter. Set a good example for everyone, especially children.

Ӣ Carry a litter bag in your car instead of tossing trash out the window.

Ӣ Make sure trash can lids are securely fastened.

Ӣ Tie papers in bundles before placing them in a curbside recycling bin.

Ӣ If you own a business, check trash bins daily to ensure doors are closed.

Ӣ Report areas where people have illegally dumped garbage.

If you or a member of your family is involved in a civic group, scouting organization or recreational sports program, encourage the group to adopt a highway. Details are available by calling  1-800-279-5758.

Drivers who encounter roadside cleanup crews should slow down and remain alert for changing traffic patterns.

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